couple-on-date1I want to know if he used me just to have a good time or he really liked me or felt something else?

This question is one that is very common.

It’s a real problem out there in dating land.

You might even say it’s an epidemic.

With so many men just wanting no-strings-attached sex, it’s only natural that we wonder if he’s really into us, or just after some fun in the bedroom.

And let’s be honest, we probably look skeptically at some true good guys out there, who don’t fit the
have-fun-and-leave mold.

Here’s some quick tips to know if he really likes you, or if he’s just after sex only.

1. He talks to you about things other than what time you are coming over.

Does he talk to you about who’s on Adam’s team on The Voice? Does he ask you how was your day at work?

If he likes you, he initiating conversations that welcome your opinion, because he respects your mind.

A player doesn’t care about your opinions or what you think.

If he’s talking to you things that involve your heart and feelings, then he’s showing care and concern for you.

If you’re just getting calls about hooking up again, then he’s just into the sex.

2. He lets you come to his house when you want to.

True players who are only out for sex would never allow this.

They want to be able to go to your house, because then they can control when they leave.

It’s a good sign if he invites you to his place often.

It’s even better if he’s ok with you coming over when you feel like it.

3. He goes out with you in public in the daytime.

If he schedules dates with you during the day, that’s a strong sign he’s not just in it for the sex.

Players usually don’t schedule day dates.

In fact, the perfect date for a player starts around 9pm.

That way he can take you out, and then suggest to go to your place to chill out, which means:

“I want to see you naked, and hey, I just took you out… I deserve it!”

If you haven’t seen sunlight on his face in awhile, you should probably move on.

4. He calls you for simple pleasantries.

A guy who only wants sex isn’t into the strings that usually come with it, such as simple pleasantries.

If he calls to tell you he was just thinking about you, that’s a strong signal he’s into you, and not just
for your body.

5. He makes time for you.

It’s pretty simple. If he’s making time for you outside of bedroom time, then he wants more than sex.

If the only time you see him is for sexy time, then I’m afraid to say he probably only sees you as a sex partner.

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