carol.jpgby Carol Allen

So – How do you deal with the reality that your man isn’t destined to crave you?

Do you want to break up with him – or do you want to adjust your expectations, focus on yourself, and see if you can can just enjoy the relationship for what it is…?

If He’s Not Destined To Crave You, What’s The Next Step?

I hope you can adopt an amazing attitude, the attitude I talked about in “Robin’s” story in Part 2 of this “Crave You” series.  The attitude that Robin came to is exactly what I want for you – to understand THE TRUTH about you, your loved ones, and your relationships. You can STOP thinking things should be different, that he should crave you, or that YOU should be different, and you can know what’s your part, what’s HIS part, and what’s JUST THE DEAL…

It’s so helpful, and so healing, and so empowering.

Do you crave him more than he will ever crave you? Are you magnetically attracted to him, or is he to YOU? Are you on the same wavelength?

Or not…

The stars can reveal all of this.

Is he your soulmate, or your SOUL-HATE? Will it be “Happily ever after…”or “Happily NEVER after…?” Or worse, “CRAPPILY ever after…?”

Okay, I’ll stop now. (Sorry, I just had my first caffeine in a week! :))

Find out the truth- and just WHAT TO DO about it all! Relationships are multi-dimensional, and complicated.

Parts of them can work easily – you can be comfortable with a man, laugh at the same things, feel HOT chemistry with him, and STILL be miserable. He may crave you, but never at what seems like the right time.

What If You Feel Like No One Will Ever Crave You?

There could be something different or more complicated going on…

If it seems like you’re ALWAYS craving the men in your life more than they seem to crave you, you may be in a difficult astrological cycle in which everyone you meet won’t be YOUR guy. You begin to think no man will ever crave you.

And it can be so depressing. But it’s not because you’re not lovable – you’re just in a “love-blocking” cycle of Saturn.

When the planet Saturn is taking “center stage” in your chart, it’s typical to feel rejected by men over and over. Even when they seem PERFECT for you at first.

Women commonly tell me they feel CURSED when this is happening. But they’re not. And it DOES pass. And when it does, these same women find HIM without doing anything differently.

And it’s like their “curse” is broken; these men don’t reject you – they want to be together as much as you do – they crave you, and do everything they can to bond with you, and the long lonely journey was worth it at last.

May God and his planets and stars shower you with love!

Carol Allen

From Sarah: Carol is a fantastic astrologist with lots of advice for you and your relationships. She has a huge following and so many success stories – her letters and reports are amazing. On her site, you can find her words of wisdom on relationships and waiting for him to Crave You.

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