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Continued from Part 1 of Does He Crave You?

We left off in the middle of a letter, in which a woman was sharing her frustration with how awful it is to wait around hoping your man will crave you – her boyfriend wasn’t longing for her in the way she was for him.

That was the tragic news. Now, we’re going to follow her on the discovery she made that helped her see things in a new perspective. Sometimes it isn’t fated for him to crave you. She tried the Right Man Report, which is designed to share what the stars have in store for your relationship to both the experienced and inexperienced in astrology.

The Truth About When A Man Will Crave You:

* * * * * * * * * *

So, Carol – in desperation I decided to do The Right Man Report. Wow!

Good news and bad news: we have some good stuff, but plenty of bad stuff. The bad stuff explains why I feel like I do, and why he does not even realize what I am feeling (of course I am too stubborn to say anything about feeling clingy or needy).

I feel so much better! I feel incredibly free.

This means that he’s great, and I’m great, but together, we are just great enough to make me feel anxious for more, but not enough to actually truly connect. Does that make sense?

So, I am not going to break up with him, but I am going to revise my expectations, and enjoy what we have, knowing that ultimately I want a more compatible match, and need a person who is on my wavelength to feel the love I know is out there for me.

So, I know you know this, but The Right Man Report is a gift, and I am so grateful. I am on a vacation day, and I am going to spend it cuddling my cat, and doing things around my house instead of moping and feeling sad.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


* * * * * * * * * * *

Isn’t that FANTASTIC?!

Well done, Robin! (By the way, whenever you’re not getting what you want or need, PLEASE go cuddle a cat! You’ll feel MUCH better… :))

This letter totally made my day. It’s EXACTLY why I am an astrologer, and why I LOVE what I do. Sometimes we think there’s something wrong, when really, everything is just as it is destined to be. If you want a man to crave you, you need to find the right one.

Robin said it all… here’s a quick recap of what “The Right Man Report” helped her to realize.

She’s great, he’s great, they’re just not so GREAT together!

Some things between them clearly are – but their connection is such that she always feels hungry for more, and they lose their momentum. And it’s NOT because they don’t see each other enough, or due to their busy schedules, though that doesn’t help.

It’s because the energy in the relationship flows from HER to HIM, NOT from HIM to HER – which is what we NEED as women! (I’m sure I don’t have to tell you…)

When the energy is “flipped” it makes you CRAVE the man more than he can CRAVE you.

She’ll ALWAYS want more than he does, BEFORE he does.

I’ve seen this pattern so many times…

Why You Hang In There And Wait For Him To Crave You

At FIRST it can seem like he’s pursuing you – because men are socialized to pursue. But once he relaxes and settles into the relationship, he’ll STOP giving you enough of what you need.

And you’ll start to go slowly INSANE.

It’s awful…

Now, to be fair, once in a while you don’t seem to mind. But I’ve only seen this rarely in the charts of women who are VERY independent, or VERY masculine. These women love being the leader in their relationship because it’s natural to their personality.

But most of us are not like that.

Most of us “girly girls” want the man to be the man. You want him to crave you.

And we want to feel like he’s DEEPLY bonded and connected to us, ten steps ahead in the relationship, leading the way!

Just as we should cherish our expectations, we should be able to see our reality clearly. The stars help me to do that, and I’m here to help you.

With love, Carol

From Sarah: Carol is a fantastic astrologist with lots of advice for you and your relationships. She has a huge following and so many success stories – her letters and reports are amazing. On her site, you can find her words of wisdom on relationships and waiting for him to Crave You.

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