Crave Youby Carol Allen

Are you dying for your man to crave you?

Have you ever dated a man and just ACHED to hear from him before he called? Or LONGED to see him before he made a plan? Or thought you’d go crazy before he spent any “special alone time” with you?

Wink, wink…

You couldn’t think of anything else… Every time the phone rang you jumped… Every time you got a text, your heart leapt, just sure it MUST be him…

With each call or text from ANYONE else, you were so disappointed.

You quickly became like a flower out of water – droopy and lifeless…

We’ve ALL been there…

You may think there’s a way to MAKE him like you more – crave you – but maybe it has nothing to do with how much he likes you, or anything else about you at all… Maybe that’s just the way the energy flows in your relationship – from YOU to HIM.

No kidding, this can be seen in the stars – and it’s NOT your fault.

Waiting For Him To Crave You

He seemed to occupy all of your thoughts, and be the main topic of every conversation with your girlfriends. Before him you had a full life – with friends, and goals, and a full schedule, but suddenly it’s like there’s nothing else but HIM.

The worst part?

He didn’t seem quite so, shall we say, OBSESSED… He didn’t CRAVE you.

When he called he seemed casual. When he made plans it wasn’t with the same URGENCY you were feeling. When you saw him, he seemed just fine, like he hadn’t been in utter agony.

He was affectionate, but not as much as you wanted him to be.

What the hey?

Why was he so cool?

Didn’t he miss you, too? Didn’t he want to be with you? Didn’t you matter to him?

That must be it – you must not matter to him! He must not care. You must be MORE invested in him than he is to you!

Oh, the misery of it all…

I talk to women going through this with their man EVERY DAY.

And it’s NO fun.

And, amazingly, I can see it in the stars before they even say a word, I can see the answer to that taunting question…

Will He Ever Crave You?

See a recent letter I got from a reader in just this situation:

* * * * * * * * * *

Dear Carol,

I have been dating a great guy since February.

I adore him, but we are both super-busy and travel a lot, so I have seen him only every few weeks with the exception of one week, where we actually saw each other twice just before a recent trip. We always have a wonderful time together, but have not taken the relationship to a physical level because we lose momentum every time we have an extended absence (which is almost all of the time). Plus, I don’t feel comfortable going there until we are in a comfortable and trusted relationship place.

I just got back from a trip, and was a bit tortured during and after because I was craving the feeling of connection we had when I left.

We got together the first day I got home, and we had a great time, but he waltzed out of my house without a word about getting together again, despite having agreed before I left that we were an item.

This is not how I want to feel when I am with someone.

* * * * * * * * * *

Wow, here’s an example of exactly what we’re discussing. The good news is this is not the end of the article! I’ve left the best for later. In Part 2 of this article, you’ll find out about the amazing things that the letter-writer learns about the stars and hoping you’re man will crave you as badly as you do him.

Look for Part 2 soon.

From Sarah: Carol is a fantastic astrologist with lots of advice for you and your relationships. She has a huge following and so many success stories – her letters and reports are amazing. On her site, you can find her words of wisdom on relationships and waiting for him to Crave You.

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