Do You Want To Know The Secret Ingredient Of Every Successful Relationship?

It’s Emotional Intelligence (EQ)! And here’s why…

by Jeffrey Levine

When you improve your EQ:

  1. You develop a deeper, more loving, more intimate connection with your partner.
  2. You avoid many confrontations, and when they happen you resolve them more quickly without lingering anger and resentment.
  3. You become a magnet for this kind of person – someone who wants to be that deep, loving, intimate partner for you.
  4. You help your partner improve their EQ, as you improve yours.
  5. When you’re dating, you make better choices because you can assess whether the person sitting across from you has that potential.

When are able to respond to your partner with care and purpose, instead of simply reacting to whatever is triggering you, everything shifts.

You begin to build a place where trust and vulnerability can thrive.

You can express your feelings and needs and be heard.

And you can hear him.

From this place, a new level of connectedness develops – and your relationship has a foundation to build on and last.

Jeffrey Levine is a corporate coach and trained mediator (and Rori Raye’s husband) who works with both men and women to improve their communication, deepen their connection and remove the blocks that keep them from feeling and expressing love. He is the author of “How To Talk To A Man”, which contains invaluable advice, tools and solutions to help you avoid common relationship pitfalls, and clean things up when they go south. “Every moment presents a new choice for you: a decision about what you want – and what you believe you deserve.”



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