stay positiveby Virginia Clark

It’s hard to stay positive.  I know what it’s like to lose hope that things will ever change. I’ve heard those negative voices in my head telling me that I would always be alone and that I wasn’t good enough for a man to want to marry me.

Have you ever felt this way, or are you feeling this way now? The best way to describe the feeling I was going through was that I was in a constant state of war in my mind.

It was caught in a vicious cycle; when I couldn’t feel good about myself I blamed myself and felt even worse. I knew I should try to stay positive but much of the time I was miserable.

If you feel like you’re losing the fight to stay positive there are things you can do to help yourself. Take courage, you can become a happier woman and start believing in yourself again. But no one can do this for you. It’s something you have want for yourself. It requires that you make the effort, it won’t just happen on it’s own.

I talk about this problem in my book It’s Never Too Late To Marry and how I was able to change this for myself.

What You Can Do to Stay Positive:

Here are 3 actions you can take right now to help you feel hopeful again. They are some of things I used to help me get back my sense of myself. If you do them, you will find that you can break through your feelings of despair and help you start moving forward with your life:

1. I took the advice from a book called “Simple Abundance” and started a Gratitude Journal. I kept it by my bed for years and I wrote down 5 things I was grateful for every night. It may sound simple, but it was life-changing.

2. I created an affirmation for myself: “I’m in a loving relationship with the man who is right for me” and wrote it without fail 25 times a day. As boring as it sometimes seemed, I felt good that I was taking this action for myself.

3. I designed an “altar” in my apartment in a special corner. I put objects on it that meant something special to me. For example I used shells from my favorite beach and a beautiful feather I found on a hike. I put pictures of loved ones on it and always had a candle there to light. I did this to center myself and to remind myself of the spiritual nature of life.

These are just 3 of the many things you can use to help you change the negative pattern of your thinking and stay positive. I give you more ideas in my book “It’s Never Too Late To Marry.”

If You Still Find It Hard to Stay Positive –

If you are resisting these ideas and feel that making any effort towards your happiness seems too overwhelming, you need to be honest with yourself and ask for help from the outside.

You need to contact someone like myself or another professional that you can trust. We can help you get through your negative mind-set to a more realistic and positive view of your life.

There are times you can’t do it alone, but please understand there is no shame in that. If you need more support on how to get married, or with any relationship problem, take advantage of my 30-minute No Charge Phone Consultation!

I’m happy to be connecting to you here and I welcome your questions and your thoughts.

In the meantime don’t forget, things can change in an instant, don’t lose hope!


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