thining about exRelationships end for a lot of reasons. And they can drag on for a while, as we preserve hope.

Many of us find it difficult to move forward after such an upheaval. Especially if we keep thinking about our exes and what was and what could have been.

So how do you know if you are thinking about your ex too much?

One of the most telling signs is if you keep comparing men, new dates, possible dates, and relationship prospects to your ex – or to what you wanted your ex to be.

This will be the death of every new relationship before it even gets off the ground. And, in doing, you’ll find you often romanticize your ex – forgetting the bad, dwelling of the good and making the loss even greater.

Making The Past Your Fantasy

And how could anyone live up to all the fantasies you build off of pieces of memories?

When you find yourself frequently daydreaming about a reconciliation with your ex, this is definitely thinking about him too much.

At this point, you’re certainly investing your energies into fantasy instead of reality.

If you find yourself revisiting locations that meant something in your previous relationship, this could be a sign that you’re still trying to cling to those lost moments.

Those moments that could be happy memories will gain more and more sadness as you try to pull all of the happiness you can out of them.

You have to find new places, places that feel like they belong to you and not to you and a plus one. You must be the owner of your world.

Check In With Yourself

If you find yourself doing any or all of these things following the breakup of a relationship, you’re sabotaging your chance at a new one.

You’ll also find, if you check in with your gut, you know down there deep inside when you’re spending too much time dwelling on the past – or a fantasy of the past.

Clinging to the past is not going to get you what you want.

Take hold the power in your life. Make yourself an independent woman, and you will find that past relationships become a happy memory in your life, not an oppressive need or a means of making yourself more unhappy in the present.

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