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Do you and your man have a common goal in your relationship? Did you ever?

People come together because of shared attraction and companionship and over time as you grow together you make a deeper commitment to the relationship.

But did you ever discuss your shared goals, your desires, your dreams of your life together?

Maybe you just entered into your relationship the same way you entered your current job. You needed a job to pay your bills. The longer you worked there, the more comfortable you became in your position, you advanced and eventually you had a nice pension.

But did that job serve your soul? Did it serve your natural talents and abilities? Or maybe it just paid the bills and allowed you to buy a house and feed your family.

A Relationship Can Develop Just The Way A Job You Don’t Love Can

But does this relationship serve your soul? Does it feed your curiosity and your creativity?

Mutual attraction and similar likes and dislikes are helpful in a relationship, but that is often not enough over the years to help you grow together.

We Believe In Relationship As The Next Step In Our Personal And Spiritual Growth

Both Orna and I believe we could be happy and fulfilled alone. We waited until we were past forty to marry. However, we both wanted to continue to grow; to be the best versions of ourselves that we could be. And we knew that required a partner. Someone to reflect back our better selves and our highest potential.

It is so enriching to have a shared vision, a common goal in relationship. It gives you a guidepost for the journey and helps you stay on the same page. It is easy for one person to outgrow the other if you are not both clear on what you are creating together. That doesn’t mean that like Orna and myself you also develop a business together, but it does mean that you both decide what is important to you and what is necessary for your satisfaction.

Do This For Your Relationship:

A couple days after our wedding Orna and I went to one of our favorite places in Los Angeles, the Self Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine. This is a beautiful and holy place. We did a short meditation together and then we took our guest book from our wedding, opened it to the empty pages in the back and began to write. We each alternated writing a single vision of what we desired from our partnership until we both felt complete.

We plan on returning to that same spot on our yearly anniversary to review and update the list; checking off things we’ve completed and adding the next steps in the vision. In this way we can track our goals continue to grow together.

If we knew about this exercise earlier we would’ve done it long before our wedding. It was suggested to us to do at our wedding and we loved the idea. Do it when you both have committed to the relationship. And add to it each year.

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