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Do you feel like you’re the leader in your relationship? Do you find yourself wishing he’d “pick up the ball,” “get it together,” or finally ACT on an idea instead of just thinking about it? Do you wonder why YOU seem to be feeling more, doing more, planning more than he does?

If so, it may actually be that your compatibility with him is such that he can’t!

Amazing as it may seem, your astrological connections and “disconnections” with a man don’t just reveal how the two of you will get along – they also predict exactly how your relationship with him will unfold!

Have you ever felt like you had a faster process than a man?

You know, you were ready to hear from him before he called, see him before he asked you out, go “steady” before he was ready…

You felt in love waaay before he said it.

So you were always anxious and uncomfortable, endlessly wondering and waiting, waiting, waiting, just wishing he’d hurry up and DO something to move your relationship forward.

Like say the “L” word.

And, once things finally did get “going” you were jumping out of your skin waiting for him to ask you to move in or marry him. So much so, that by the time he finally DID you were ready to faint from exhaustion and relief?

Well, I have good news for you.

You’re not crazy. (Okay, maybe just a little.) You haven’t DONE anything to cause this. That’s right – incredibly, this can be seen in the stars! But not in the ways you might think…

I was a professional astrologer for almost a decade before I learned an amazing “emotional affinity” technique that reveals who is the “doer” or leader in a relationship. Without this technique, anyone with just a smattering of astrological experience or know-how would think that the person with the “faster process” would be the person with the more fiery nature…

The one with the more impatient personality to begin with. You know – like with the most planets in the signs of Aries, Sagittarius or Leo. Or the one with the really strong Mars vibes…

But it has nothing to do with that.

The “leader” can have all their planets in any signs of the zodiac – even the really patient and laid-back ones. Because, what’s so exciting about this technique is that it doesn’t so much focus on who each person is, individually…

It focuses on how each person FEELS because of that particular relationship.

You can be totally attracted to a man with whom you have great communication, hot chemistry, and shared tastes. He can be perfect for you “on paper.” When you’re with him time just flies. And yet, at the same time, he can make you a neurotic mess. Why is that?

Well, sadly, one of the reasons you’d be reduced to your worst self happens when you’re the leader in a relationship. That’s right, it’s one of the very things that sets you up to have no choice but to go slowly insane… and drag him down to his own worst self, too!

This is because from the very beginning (and for as long as you’re together), you feel that you’re more invested in the relationship. You constantly think that, since everything is your idea “first,” it must be that you love him more than he loves you.



There’s just about NOTHING worse than feeling like you love a man more than he loves you! This has the oh-so-miserable result of you becoming hyper-sensitive and endlessly frustrated with him.

And the kicker?

He has no idea why…

Since he’s got the slower process, he’s way behind you at relationship stage #3 while you’re looking back at him from relationship stage #7, seething with rage and resentment…

The poor fellow is just being himself. And no matter how hard he tries, whenever he initiates anything to you it’s late.

Too late.

Make that wayyyyyyy too late.

So instead of being happy when he calls, or excited when he asks you out, or overjoyed when he proposes, you reaction is always something along the lines of, “Finally – what TOOK you so long?!” So, he never gets to feel like the big hero. He never gets to win.

And that’s bad… Because here’s what that does to a man:

Because his efforts aren’t well received (by you!), he loses all romantic inspiration, so over time he does even less for you, making him take even longer than before to do anything for you at all. Making you even more impatient and unhappy with him than ever.

Do you get what a vicious, soul-crushing cycle this is?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just understand what was happening?

Wouldn’t it save your relationship – and your very sanity – to know that this isn’t about how a man feels about you, but is instead just how YOU are and how HE is at the core?

Now you can. You can know this and so much more.

“The Right Man Report” tells you all about your relationship with any man.

It lets you know such valuable information as:

-Who is more forceful between you?
-Is there mutual respect?
-Will he make you feel safe?
-Can you both be yourself?
-Can you communicate?
-Is your relationship friendly, or adversarial?
-Will you embarrass him?
-Is there sexual chemistry?
-Will your relationship have meaning?
-Do you benefit one another?
-Is he smitten?

In other words, the stuff that will help you see the relationship you’re working with – and help you to stop blaming yourself or him for the way you just are together.

Best of all, if you have difficult connections with a man (and many successful couples do!) “The Right Man Report” can tell you what to do about them, and what they really mean (and not all that painful stuff what you THINK they mean)…

Give yourself and your relationship the gift of peace of mind, and order your “Right Man Report.”

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Find out what’s going on once and for all – if your man is the right man, and if your relationship is the right relationship.

And my God and his planets and stars shower you with love!

Carol Allen

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