relationshipChristian Carter is amazing – and not just because he’s a gorgeous, hunky, sensitive, smart, successful man (though that helps and makes his advice all the more credible and valuable) – but because he’s been a top relationship expert, helping hundreds of thousands of women every day, for many, many years. His advice is golden…and here’s a quick bit of eye-opening for you about men from Christian:

“Tell me if you’ve ever asked yourself any of the following questions:

– Why is it that men want a relationship one day, then fear for their “freedom” the next?

– Why does it seem so hard when I meet a man to tell a great mature guy, from just another flaky one?

– How come I attract all the wrong men?

– Based on how men act, do men even want or care about a relationship?

– Do all men cheat?

– What do men really want or need to be loving and loyal and make a happy relationship with me?

– What are men thinking!?

Too Many Women Find that Men Are Careless and Lazy in a Relationship


This is absolutely NOT TRUE if you trigger the right feelings in your boyfriend in your relationship.

Some men feel so strongly that they’d do ANYTHING to protect her and their relationship.

And I mean ANYTHING.

The Crazy Things Men Will Do for a Relationship:

He’d risk heartbreak.

He’d spend all his money if he had to.

He’d travel around the world just to be with you for a night.

He’d even risk physical harm or DEATH just to keep you safe and protected.

A man can and will become DEEPLY COMMITTED to his girlfriend and their relationship… if he is feeling the right things with her.

If he knows she’s worth it.

And, therein lies the secret –

How do you make a man feel so in love and so deeply connected and committed to you that he’d do anything for you, and never think twice about leaving or giving up?


From Sarah:   I read a lot of advice, but I’ve rarely found stuff that’s as insightful and easily applicable as Christian’s.  He’s really got a unique and helpful way of approaching your relationship questions.  So, I urge you to go get his free newsletters here, check out his amazing “Catch Him & Keep Him” book, and let Christian help you build your relationship->

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