dissolving resistanceby Linda Landon

Once again the earth has completed its annual cycle. Daylight is brilliant but brief and darkness reigns. There is an invitation to slow down and turn inward.

I resist: I have plans. I want to end my year in a flurry of accomplishments.

Life, however, has better plans for me. All activity is brought to a standstill by a cold.

Now I’m lying in bed, a cat purring on my lap. Sipping tea and watching the sunset, all I can do is surrender and let my body do what it knows how to do best – heal.

The truth is that I’m absolutely content and grateful for this unplanned year end retreat. There’s time to look back at 2006 and bask in my accomplishments. Last year my business grew, I hired an assistant, I took a cruise to Alaska, and I settled into being a homeowner. Yet I realize that my most significant accomplishment was internal. I finally dissolved a life long habit of struggling.

How did I do this? Over the year, as I set intentions or goals, I consciously tracked all the ways I’d try to control the outcome. I became excruciatingly aware of how intolerable it is for me to struggle. Finally, I chose to let go. Believe me, it wasn’t easy to give up trying! Yet each time I stopped, I saw that what flowed into my life was better than what I’d intended, and… I was at peace.

Here is a simple practice that may help you dissolve a habit that’s become intolerable: Before you go to bed, take a few moments to review and appreciate your day. Next, set an intention for tomorrow. Choose something that will make you happy; keep it simple and do-able. For instance, ‘Tomorrow I intend to be kind to my colleague at work’, or ‘I intend to ride my bicycle to the beach’. Then let go into sleep.

Throughout the next day notice what moves you towards your intention and what pulls you away. Become very curious. If any resistance rises, observe yourself: Is there a familiar pattern here? How do you feel – Are you struggling, is it intolerable? Ask yourself, am I willing to dissolve this pattern of resistance? Then focus on your intent, don’t believe what your resistance tells you, take an action, and see what happens!

~Linda Landon, ACC

From Sarah:  Landon has nice practical advice for your emotional and spiritual well-being.  You should check out her website for more free advice if you’re in needing of dissolving resistance.

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