by Andrea Albright

Will you try this experiment – I think it’s going to change how you feel about yourself after you have a really big pig out session, and it will help you to forgive yourself quickly so you can regain your focus of getting healthy and losing weight.

Let me ask you…

Have you ever been doing really well, eating healthy and staying committed to a healthy diet but then one day you indulge and pig out?

Maybe it was a holiday.

Or a special occasion like a birthday party.

Or maybe it was just a tough day and you felt weak and defeated so you “gave in”.

Whatever the excuse for doing it was, did you feel guilty afterwards?

And was the guilt enough for you to convince yourself that maybe you should just give up on the hope of ever getting thin?

Did you tell yourself, “I knew I could never do this. I just don’t have enough willpower.”

So you just give up on even TRYING to eat healthy and you went back to just eating “whatever” you feel like eating in the moment.

Does this sound familiar?

How could I possibly know that you’ve been through this maybe once, maybe twice, maybe more times than you can even count ?…

Because I have been there too.

I can’t tell you how many times I had CONVINCED myself that I was on the right “track” and that I was going to get thin FOR REAL this time…

I was eating healthy and being really careful and “conscious” about everything I put into my mouth.

And then something would happen, and I would give into temptation and I would pig out.

Then instead of forgiving myself and jumping right back on the horse (so to speak), I would just give up and tell myself how hard it was to eat healthy and lose weight.

What I didn’t understand at the time, was that it wasn’t my willpower that needed to get stronger, or my motivation that needed to be built up…

It was my attitude about how I treated these “cheats” that needed to change.

And once I got an attitude adjustment, it was like someone turned the lights on… and my entire beliefs about getting healthy and losing weight transformed.

See, now I do sometimes still cheat and have a day where I go “hog wild” and eat like crap…

But I forgive myself quickly because I now know that cheating is a part of the process to getting healthy for a lifetime.

And you can even learn an important lesson every time you cheat – forgiveness.

To better explain this, here’s a story taken directly from my eBook “How To Lose Weight By Feeding And Nourishing Your Spirit”.

I have gotten a lot of great feedback on this story, and I think you might find some things in it that can help you learn how to forgive yourself quickly and move on when you have a cheat day (or two, or three).

This example is going to surprise you…

The Attitude Difference

When I started studying how fit people live instead of how a fat person might go about losing weight, I quickly zoomed in on a particular type of person

A person who is full of energy and enthusiasm. A person who seems to live a charmed life where everything just works out. A person who is more often positive than negative and seems to have more energy than the other people around her.

Whether a man or a woman, this person is attractive and not just because of the beautiful body, but because of the health, vitality, energy, and confidence with which they move through the world.

These were the folks that I wanted to study.

More often than not, I noticed that these people came from a different culture than mine one with different ATTITUDES about exercise and food.

To illustrate what that different attitude is all about, let me give you an example of the attitudes of old Andrea the girl I used to be when I was not in control of my weight and my health?

The old Andrea walks into a room, and there in front of her is a tray with freshly baked chocolate chip cookies on it.

Andrea has just walked into a no-win situation.

I’m on a diet – the old Andrea was ALWAYS on a diet. So my willpower is telling me not to take one of those cookies. But I can smell them by now and I’m salivating and it’s so hard to refuse how good that cookie is going to taste.

But somehow, if my willpower prevails and I pass up those cookies I feel like I LOST.

I am depressed that I could not have that cookie. I am so damn frustrated that I’m on this stupid diet and I’m angry.


I’m angry with the world and with God for giving me the genetics that will cause my body to instantly blimp out from a single bite of that damn cookie.

I’m angry with the person who left those cookies out there just to ruin my day.

I’m angry with the world for judging me unattractive and weak if I’m overweight.

I’m angry with the boys that will only pay attention to me if I can keep my weight off.

I’m angry with every horrible, hateful, skinny girl out there who can eat that whole damn tray of cookies and not gain an ounce!

It’s just NOT FAIR!

But, if instead, I eat a cookie I have this momentary pleasure and then…

Depression sets in.

Why am I so weak? Why can’t I ever keep the promises I make to myself?

I don’t deserve to be thin. And I never will be. I am ugly. I am a fat cow.

I tell myself I want a better life, I tell myself I want to be healthy, and I tell myself I want to be attractive that I want quality men to at least NOTICE me so that I can at least have a shot to show them my personality.

But I guess that’s a lie. Obviously, all I really care about is stuffing my damn face with butter and sugar.

I may as well quit this stupid diet. It will never work. I will always be the little chubby girl.

I HATE my body!

And the terrible truth is that no matter how much you like to think your mind and spirit are separate from your body as long as you live, it is actually impossible to separate them.

In hating my body I was hating myself.

What kind of a way is that to live?

Okay, now that I’ve got myself all weepy over what used to be my reality, let me tell you how the new Andrea handles these situations, because it happened to me just the other day…

Andrea walks into a room, and there in front of her is a tray of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

She smiles.

Andrea, as always, is in another WIN-WIN situation.

I watch my nutrition very carefully the new Andrea ALWAYS watches her nutrition though no willpower is necessary because she has a different ATTITUDE now.

She LOVES the idea of putting healthy food inside of herself to nourish the body and spirit that she loves.

I can smell the cookies now and the aroma is wonderful! Butter and burnt sugar with the perfume of melted chocolate and it makes me smile to be in a room that smells like that.

I am salivating from it, but since I probably just ate something healthy (I eat throughout the day so that I’m never hungry in situations like these), I know how wonderful it would be to bite into one of those little suckers, so I have a decision to make.

If I pass up eating that cookie, I walk out of that room on cloud 9!

I am so happy that I once again gave my body the gift of health. I honored myself and my commitment to being fit and energetic and happy, and I can feel my body singing with positive energy.

It was not hard to pass up, because, really, when you’re not hungry your brain chemistry doesn’t beat you up when you walk by food.

I look in a mirror as I continue out of the room and I smile because I know that this is worth it!


And in loving my body, I love myself. And with this attitude, I am a very happy person even when I pass by a chocolate chip cookie.

But now let’s say I eat these cookies (I did, by the way).

It was delicious. I enjoyed every bite. It was crispy and chewy at the same time.

Wow, do I feel great that I got a chance to eat them without guilt. Because, you see, I eat 6 super-nutritious meals a day. That means I DIDN’T CHEAT about 42 times this week!

Eating chocolate chip cookies one time and not cheating 42 times makes me a rock star of health and nutrition.

I certainly deserve this body that I have!

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