So you say you want a gorgeous, sexy, smart, successful, sensitive, spiritual man, but you wear baggy knits or business suits because you don t want him to get the wrong idea?

Or let s say you want a smart, sweet, sensitive, stabile, kind, good, romantic, sexy date but consistently go for men who treat you like dirt and leave you lying in the street licking your wounds?

Let s get real here. Men aren t the only visual ones, we all are. We like a man who dresses clean, in fashion, and upscale.

We like a woman who shows a bit of skin and wears soft, feminine, flattering clothes in colors we like.

And we all have a part of ourselves that thinks we don t deserve someone who s good, kind, smart, stabile and sexy all at the same time so when we see one like that, we run!

So get out of your own way. Stop running when you see a real prospect, even if you don t think he or she would be interested in you.

Stop pretending you don t care by dressing sloppily or unflatteringly.

Stop yourself before you get pulled in by someone who doesn t have the eyes and heart to see what a gem you are, and stay away from that old pattern.

Start something new.

Get out of your way and Get behind yourself!

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