What is your idea of a great date? Is it so romantic it would end up on the cover of People magazine? Is it so fun and wild and sexy you ll remember it forever as your “first date?”

Is Mr. Gorgeous so smart and rich and sensitive that you can talk to him like he s a girlfriend while he s wining and dining you at an expensive rooftop restaurant?

Or is it more about emotions? I ll feel so “special” with him. I ll just get the “tingles” from head to toe. The “chemistry” will just be “right.”

The thing about dating is, it s just dating! It s not getting married, it s not even getting a boyfriend or girlfriend. A date is just that: A date. If all you re looking for is fun, then it s supposed to be a fun event. If you ve decided you re open to a serious relationship, then a date is just a chance to get to know someone better.

Often, instead of aiming too high, we actually expect the worst. We may say we want a great time, but many of us expect that things will go bad, just like they always have. Our expectations, rather than being off the chart fantastic, are way too low!

So, instead of having some idea of what a great date looks like, try imagining what a great date feels like.

Try imagining that you feel comfortable, relaxed, and excited at the same time. Imagine that you re attracted to your date, and your date is attracted to you. Imagine what it feels like to click without drama, mental confusion and second-guessing.

Imagine that you can have the kind of date you dream about not necessarily dinner in Paris (though you can have that too!) but the kind where you feel great the whole time, get home feeling wonderful and looking forward to date number two.

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