Cut The Checklist Loose – What Are You REALLY Looking For?

So, does he have to be 6 foot tall? Dark? Be an attorney? Not bite his nails? Make $100,000 a year?

Truthfully, this kind of “qualifications” list-making is usually pretty lopsided. Most women have long lists about men, and most men can just tell when it feels right. I think we women would find the man we want much sooner, and much easier, if we thought more like a man about this.

So…here are suggestions on how to cut the checklist loose and go by how we feel instead:

Cut your Qualifiers down to five:

He can t be

1. A drug or alcohol abuser (or a felon, for that matter). He has to be…

2. Financially stable, he has to…

3. Treat you very, very well, and…

4. Be attractive to you once you get to know him.

Number 5 can be your own particular deal-breaker (kids, travel, etc.), but make sure it s a big issue, and not a small one.

Once you cut loose the old checklist, you ll discover there are a lot more attractive, sensitive, mature, funny, stable and sexy men out there for you to date and fall in love with.

Let me know your lists, and what you think of this. Some relationship coaches swear by lists – I think we women should go by our gut feelings.


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