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What do you DO when you have negative, fearful, limiting thoughts and situations going on in your mind that are affecting your dating and love life?

Well, I’m not going to tell you that all women who are single or in “dead-end” relationships are in that place in their life JUST BECAUSE they think and feel in “fear-based” and “self-limiting” ways.

But do the math.

What kind of women do you think men “naturally” gravitate towards?

What kind of women do you think men “instinctively” feel good when they’re around, even if they don’t know why?

What kind of women do you think men understand, on a subconscious level and make great long-term partners?

Right again.

Women who are in CONTROL of their own fears and emotions when it comes to men, dating and relationships.


It’s NOT because feelings and emotions are themselves bad…

Feelings and emotions are probably the most beautiful part of what makes us human and allows us to experience the world in a deep and meaningful way.

But, what I’m talking about here is NEGATIVE feelings.

Because negative feelings, more often than not, lead to NEGATIVE EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCES.

And women who are in CONTROL of their EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCES and who have a handle on their own emotional state, know how to do something that other women can’t and will never be able to fake…

They know how to consistently create more POSITIVE EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCES with men.

On one level, it really is that simple.

In practice, it’s much harder.


In my “Catch Him & Keep Him” ebook I’ve devoted 3 ENTIRE CHAPTERS to the subject of creating the optimum “emotional fitness” for a successful relationship with a man.

You’ll learn the SCIENCE behind emotions, how to take your own Emotional Ownership, and Emotional Display Rules – the “do’s and don’ts” for creating new emotional AND intellectual wisdom before you act in certain situations with a man.

The Dating Game and the Chemistry of Attraction

The truth is that men are attracted to one woman and not another largely because of the way that one woman makes them FEEL.

And NOT because of what logically sound qualities each person and the relationship has.

ATTRACTION and CONNECTION have their own “logic.”

I’ll say it again so you can really hear it this time –

A man is attracted to a woman and wants to be with her, and only her, because of the way he FEELS when he’s around her.

And not for any other reason.

Not even if the women is the most loving, caring, sweet, generous, and intelligent woman in the world.

I’m even going to “translate” this for you so you’re sure to start seeing it more clearly –

Translation: The emotional experiences that a man has when he’s around a woman are the single most powerful reasons why he either wants a long-term relationship, or doesn’t.

And to make this even more clear, let me tell you what this DOESN’T mean…

It DOESN’T mean that a man wants to be with a woman because he VALUES a relationship and having true love in his life.

Or that a woman can be so good to a man and do so many loving and generous things for him that he recognizes the LOGICAL value of staying with her and makes the “right” decision.

Feelings and emotions have their own logic, which has NOTHING to do with what makes “sense” or what is “fair.”

And the sooner you accept this as true about men, the easier EVERYTHING in your love life and relationship will become.


So how do you make a man FEEL when he’s around you?

What are the conscious and subconscious emotional reactions and responses he’s likely to be having with you, based on your emotions and your behavior?

Take a minute and think about it.

Here’s the Bottom Line for Dating or a Relationship:

A woman who can communicate to a man on a deeper level that she’s AWARE and IN CONTROL of her own experience and “emotional” state will make a man feel INTENSE ATTRACTION for her on that same emotional level.

She’s an “emotionally attractive” woman, which can tell a man all kinds of things about her BEYOND the PHYSICAL ATTRACTION and interest he might have.

On the other hand…

Women who DON’T have a handle on these things have quite a different effect on men –

These women can still usually make men feel PHYSICAL ATTRACTION… but they often set off all kinds of conscious and subconscious “warning signs” in a man’s mind.

Signals that then become FEELINGS and EMOTIONS inside the man that tell him to RUN.

And under no circumstance, commit himself and attach his emotional experience to hers.

Here’s the strangest part about women who send off these “warning signals” to men they’re dating

Most women do this largely BY ACCIDENT.

That’s right. Lots of women actually trigger negative responses inside a man’s mind while doing things they think are FOR THE GOOD of the relationship.


And hey… I know it might bother you to hear some of what I’m saying. And that you probably have been more caring and generous with your thoughts and emotions in your past situations with men than they were with you.

I get that.

But someone needs to tell you how men really and truly think when it comes to women and relationships.

And of course men have their own specialized set of “baggage” and fears, too.

But let me ask you…

What do you know, FROM EXPERIENCE, will happen if a man doesn’t deal with his own fears about women and relationships?


I’m talking withdrawal, break-ups, cheating, lying, etc.

The list goes on.

But if a guy takes the time and develops the “emotional maturity” to think about the negative and limiting fears HE HAS about women and relationships…

And finds a healthy level of AWARENESS and CONTROL around these…

Then this is the kind of guy that women will “naturally” be drawn to and enjoy being with.

Your first step to creating a situation with a man where you BOTH feel the level of connection that will create and support a lasting relationship is to accept that MEN DON’T MAKE SENSE.


Because remember, our EMOTIONS don’t follow a logical or “rational” path.

l talk to you again soon.

Best of luck in life and love!

Your Friend,

Christian Carter

Christian’s got the insider’s perspective on men, and he’s helped so many women realign their approach to what he KNOWS men are looking for. Use some of his free advice to get what you want from dating->

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