datingWe’ve got 6 fast tips for your dating life today:

1. Keep a sense of humor.

Even the worst dates can give you something to laugh about later, and keeping your sense of humor alive will keep the dating process fun and interesting. Keep that sense of humor with your dates as well and it will make it easier for the two of you to laugh off any dating mishaps that might otherwise be embarrassing.

2. Don’t let a woman waste your time.

Make every effort to be on time, every time. This shows respect for yourself and your date. Also, expect the same in return. If she’s a few minutes late it should not be an issue, but if she shows up 30 minutes late every time you have plans, think about what that tells you about her character and priorities.

3. Be cautious.

Do not believe everything you see and hear until you have had time to truly experience. Remember that on first dates and even second dates, women are putting their best foot forward to impress you. Take some time to really get to know her and whether what you are seeing after a few dates is what you were seeing on the first few.

4. Realize she might make a good friend.

Someone with whom you have no chemistry for dating might make an excellent friend. If you are on a date with someone and neither of you sense any romantic chemistry, it does not mean that you can’t be friends. Dating is considered a great way to find new friends and as long as neither of you has a romantic interest in the other a platonic friendship could blossom and form a life long bond.

5. Be friends too.

Dating is about getting to know potential mates, and one of the most important facets of any romantic relationship is friendship. While you may spend the first few dates focusing on the romance, be sure to spend some time developing a friendship as well. Your partner should be your best friend and if you want to form a life time relationship with someone, it is important to give as much attention to your friendship as you do to the romantic side of the relationship.

6. Be willing to trust.

Men are often reluctant to open up to others, particularly women, as a way of protecting themselves from getting hurt. If you want to get to know a woman, you will need to open up to her in order to get her to do the same with you. While you might not want to reveal your innermost desires on the first date, after a while it is important to let her know what you want out of life.

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