datingby Christian Carter

What’s your biggest frustration with men, relationships and dating?

Do you find it easy to meet men, but hard to keep their attention and interest as soon as things start to get “serious”?

Are you wondering how to approach your boyfriend about commitment, because you’ve been together a long time now and HE isn’t bringing it up on his own?

Are you worried that the man you’re with will cheat on you?

I’ve got a fascinating story for you.

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You’re hanging out talking with some friends, when all of a sudden the conversation turns to a common topic – love, dating and relationships.

And each woman at the table starts talking about the situation she’s in and all the amazing things about it.

At first you’re enjoying the stories and you’re happy for your friends.

But then it hits you…

You are the only person there who ISN’T in an ongoing positive relationship.

Everyone else at the table has someone in their life who they’re excited and optimistic about.

Everyone else has something “real.”

Everyone except you.

You’re ALONE… and that guy who you “date”, without the relationship going anywhere, well – he doesn’t cut it.

So you stop for a second and think,

“Maybe it’s me…”

“Maybe it’s not all because of the way men are, but how I am. That explains why I don’t have real love in my life.”

As you think about this for a second, you can’t help but feel a little lonely all of a sudden, and a small twinge of sadness wells up inside.

But as these feelings start to grow, you know inside that you deserve better, and you wish the feeling would just go away.

But it doesn’t… and the last thing you want to do is “go there” in front of your friends.

Especially since they just got through telling all of their great stories.

You don’t want them to know how you really feel right now… and you wish this feeling and problem would just go away.

You think to yourself:

“Why does love and a relationship with a man have to be so difficult?”

“If only men weren’t so difficult to be with.”

But then your “protective” side kicks in, and you start fighting these feelings and tell yourself:

“I don’t need a man.”

“I’m happy with my life as it is.”

“I’m happy to be single and focus on myself right now, instead of wasting my time and energy in a dead-end situation with a man.”

“Men are all screwed up and trouble anyway, and I don’t need that in my life right now.”

Ahhhh… it starts to work and you calm down and regain your “cool.”

But somewhere deep down inside, you know why you felt sad –

Seeing all your friends happy in their love lives reminded you of something…

For all the reasons you have to be happy, and all the ways you can convince other people (and yourself) that you’re fulfilled, you REALLY DO want something much, much better.

And You Want More Than Just a Full Dating Life


You want to share REAL LOVE and BE LOVED.

And you wonder how long you can avoid the reality that these things are MISSING from your life by staying busy and taking care of other areas of life.

You know you can’t go on this way forever.

Something has to change.

There HAS to be something better out there for you. Or else, what’s it all for?

But then you remember…

It’s been months, maybe even years, since you’ve actually made the time and space in your life to meet and connect with the kind of man who could bring great things back into your love life.

And in fact, the idea of “dating” sounds like a complete and utter NIGHTMARE.

Sitting through a date listening to some bozo, who has no idea how to really connect with you, ramble on about himself, would just make you feel even more hopeless and

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