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It breaks my heart how many women struggle in the early stages of dating a new man.

By early stage, I mean you don’t know where you stand or how he feels. In my years of coaching women more often than not, they start moving things along toward a relationship before they know how he feels about her.

They make up all kinds of things in their head to try to explain his lack of interest.

So Here Are Three Ways You’ll Know If The Man You’re Dating Is Into You So You Can Save Yourself A Whole Lot Of Grief:

1. He’ll make dates with you.

If a man is dating you and into you, he assumes other men will be as well. He doesn’t want to lose out to another man.

So he’s going to want to tie up your time.

This is why you don’t become completely available to his every gesture.

Stay busy, continue dating other men, and don’t sit around waiting for his call, text or email. This alone could cause him to lose interest.

2. He’ll wait to have sex with you.

Having sex too soon is one of the most frequent mistakes women make. Yes, this is the modern age where women can have as much sex as they want.

But if your goal is to develop a long-term relationship, you need to wait until you have a conversation about being exclusive.

That means neither of you will be dating anyone else or have sex with anyone else.

3. He’ll introduce you to his friends and family.

I dated a man for eighteen months and he would never introduce me to his daughter or his mother. After a few months, that should have been a tip off. I think this should happen within the first two months. Maybe not the family, but for sure, his friends.

If he’s not willing to include you in his full life, he’s just dating you for the time being. If you’re having sex, then you’re most likely a booty call, especially if he isn’t taking you out.

There are more things to watch for, but these are pretty easy to figure out. If you’re not getting this, then it’s best to move on to someone who is into you.

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With love, Kara

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