divorced manBy Jonathon Aslay

With one out of every two marriages ending up in divorce, chances are if you are looking to date men over 40… he’s a divorced man.

Whether man or woman, going through a divorce can be a traumatic event.

So what are the challenges when dating a divorced man?

As a divorced man myself, I am uniquely qualified to respond.

Having been to family court (that is where you go whether there are children involved or not).

After hiring an attorney

Paying alimony and child support.

Visitation with my children

Moving out of the family home, into a small one bedroom apartment.

Having arguments with my ex (constantly).

And, still having feelings for my ex.

All of these events and the emotions that come with it, I have been there.

Let me tell you from first hand knowledge, men go through an emotional trauma after a divorce.

There Are Issues For A Divorced Man You Need To Look For

If you’ve ever dated a divorced man, or have met one (or many) and are considering dating him:

Did he seem unavailable?

Did he have wounds of the past (fear of commitment from a bad marriage)?

Is he really over his “ex”, have you felt like the other woman?

Has he ever said: Been there, done that, never do it again”?

Has there been loyalty of his children towards the mother?

Have you ever felt like 2nd in the relationship?

Have you ever asked yourself, when is the right time to date a divorced man?

Have you ever wondered when is he really relationship ready?

Have you ever asked yourself “is he over his ex”?

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