single momby Allana Pratt

Wow… what a week.

While I have taken responsibility for past financial choices, I’m cleaning up where I’ve been avoiding or in denial, I’m showing up where I’ve been hiding and taking actions, it is clear to me that it’s all very cerebral.

One of my beloved coaches Cathy Yost asked me what was I hiding? Nothing, I told her everything.

Yet what we discovered was that while I was taking action on the surface, underneath I had never forgiven myself.

I was still beating myself up for having avoided, hidden, acted impulsively, said yes when my gut said no, took action without doing my due diligence… I had this big old stick that I was beating myself up with and Cathy asked, as I sniffled, when was I going to put it down?

I didn’t know.

Do you just stop?

Just like that?

Isn’t it supposed to be more monumental? More dramatic? Don’t I have to work at it more?

Struggle and overcome and prove I’m worthy?


I could just stop.

I could just let go of a whole world of draining my energy, depleting my radiance, having to make life hard to somehow justify my allowing of success.

And so I said we have to do ‘SOMETHING’ to signify the decision, some ritual, something!

So, still weepy, I suggested we count to three.

In French.

So I stood up, wiped my eyes, grabbed a pillow and pretended it was my stick to throw down.

Un! Deux! Trois!

I put down my stick! I said with a French accent.

It felt fabulous to love myself in a sexy voice.

Yes! Cathy said enthusiastically, No More Big Stick!

I chimed in, “Yes! Only Big Dicks!”

We howled. Now, Cathy said, If I was there, we could dance in the backyard naked!

And so I did. Well, I keep my underwear on as I’d seen roofers the last few days… but it felt AMAZING to run around topless and free, in mother nature, with no stick, delighted with whatever big dicks I find!

Thank God I have learned to laugh with myself.

It makes even the rough parts palpable.

So delicious sister, what big stick are you going to put down? Where can you end the self abuse?

What are you willing to forgive yourself for once and for all?

It’s true, we’re the only ones in our way.

And it’s true that running around naked in the back yard thinking about big dicks is a sure fire way to lift your spirits sweet sister.

Be Honest. Be Kind. Be Free.

Deliciously yours, Allana

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