bad moodby Amy Twain

Of course, there are those “blah-days” in which you thought you woke up in a bad mood at the wrong side of the bed, or maybe it’s just not your day at all.

So how do you deal with a bad mood so it won’t wreck your entire day?

1) Be a nature lover once again.

Perhaps it’s time to reconnect with Mother Nature again.

Be one with nature and perhaps the smoke-filled hustle and bustle of the city life is also causing your bad mood.

Try having picnic in a garden. Lie in the grass of your courtyard and watch birds fly.

2) Mix yourself with shades of orange and yellow.

Leatrice Eiseman, author of “More Alive With Color”, explains that these bright and warm hues tend to make people a lot joyful probably because they remind us of the sun.

No orange or yellow outfits to don? You can pick up flowers with these colors to give you an instant lift from your bad mood.

3) Laugh Away Your Bad Mood

LOL facing your PC. Even if you’re stuck in your cubicle or desk, try to amuse yourself from time to time.

There are tons of hilarious stuff in the Internet. Aside from searching in YouTube, you can check out Who says you can’t crack up alone?

4) Give your harsh overhead lighting a rest; switch on your desk lamp for a change.

Softer and lighter glow could help soothe and relax you. Plus, you don’t have to squint your eyes because of so much brightness.

5) Soothe Your Bad Mood with Your Fave Tunes

If things go wrong, you can always rely on your music to transcend you to another state…of happiness that is.

If you want to let off steam of irritation and anger to get lost, you can play heavy and banging tunes. If you want something to relax you, then pick a slower and soothing music.

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