cryingby Amy Twain

When was the last time you spent some time crying?

Is it because of frustration, or getting the occasional blues, being mistreated, betrayed? Is it a heartbreak, a painful ordeal, physical sickness, problems–big or small– regrets, hurt or because someone offended you, whatever it is, you may have your reasons. But one thing is for sure–

Crying Is Not a Sign of Weakness–Ever

I cried when I was heartbroken, I cried when I felt the painful process of grief when someone close to me passed away. I cried when I felt frustrated, because I feel slighted, etc, etc.

A comforting thought: You can cry whenever you like and wherever! There’s no written universal rule that you can only cry at a prescribed time and at this place only. Especially for the men, no, men are not exempted from feeling pain, hurt, or grief, and for those who say that crying is a sign of weakness, no way!

Crying is actually a form of therapy and our tears provide healing properties because they wash away the loneliness, they become our companions among the feelings and emotions we currently experiencing in our lonesomeness. And even the mere act of crying is liberating, because it releases the aches and pains, the suffering, we let loose, we let go of what we feel. May it be tears of joy, of fear or of sadness, there’s no shame in crying.

Never Suppress Crying

Trying to suppress your feelings will create resentment and repressed anger, hang-ups and inadequacy to express yourself. You may be scared to look weak, or to look like a failure? But who are you fooling? It even makes you feel like a fake for hiding what you truly feel in order to make you look as if you’re okay–though you feel like you’re breaking down.

Again, there’s no shame in crying and it’s not a sign of weakness–denying and pretending is.

Amy Twain, is a Self Improvement Coach who has been successfully coaching and guiding clients for many years. Let Amy help you in your journey towards healing, a journey through Crying.

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