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This little exercise below is one of the most profound and powerful ways to create a shift in your life and confidence and to inspire others to do the same. Doing this really has been one of the major secrets to my success.

Each one of us has our own heroine’s journey to go on. We have our own life process we’re going through and sometimes when we’re in the thick of it, we forget that one day we will prevail and come out on top.

What is important to recognize is that every struggle and trial you endure along your path is essential for developing your character and eventually turning you into the woman you were born to be. I know what you’re thinking … “Blah, blah, blah. I’ve heard this before!” But if you’re open to it, I will show you in this article how to really transcend the stuff from your past. No joke.

In the interest of helping women heal themselves from the traumas of their past, I teach a technique called, “Creating Your Transformation Story.” This process gives you a vital tool to not only heal your self, but also allow you to share your wisdom to help others come out of their own hiding, shame and guilt.

Once it’s written, your transformation story becomes an invaluable tool that you will use in all aspects of your life. Whether you use it as your bio, in a video for your website, or as an introduction to your teleclasses, it’s a great resource for coaches, business owners or really anyone who wants to be a leader in the feminine consciousness movement AND who wants to heal from the pain of their past.

Gain Confidence and Connection by Sharing Your Story

Sharing your transformation story is a way for you to connect with your clients and team in a very personal way that allows them to better understand you and what you’re all about.

I tell my own transformation story at the beginning of every radio, television and Internet interview I give and for years, people have told me that it’s the one thing they really remember about me. They may not be able to recall what I taught on stage at a particular conference, but they never forget what I shared about my personal life and the journey I’ve been on.

I remember the first time I shared my story live. I was speaking to an audience and I could barely get the words out without hyperventilating and sobbing. I later realized that those stories, those traumas I was sharing with everyone still had great power over me at that time. Now when I tell my story it’s different.

It’s not that the transformative experiences I share no longer touch me, they just don’t have the emotional charge that they used to. My story has become just that – a story.

It doesn’t have power over me and I have the confidence to put my painful experiences in the past where they belong. I’ve learned that my history doesn’t define me; these things just happened. And, I no longer feel guilty or ashamed about them. Finally, I’ve overcome being a victim of circumstance.

Before reclaiming the power my story tried to take from me, I spent most of my life in hiding trying to keep these “shameful” and “bad” things out of view. The thing is, we all go through our own loathsome/hurtful/horrifying experiences and as a feminine consciousness leader, it’s my duty to bring mine out of the shadows and into the light where other women can see them.

I’ve realized that by sharing the story of my pain – and eventual triumph over it – I can help thousands of others understand and heal from theirs.

When I help women write their transformation stories, there is a very specific and simple formula we follow. In this video [INSERT LINK] you can see my step-by-step process for how to craft your own transformation story and which points you want to include from your life. I also provide a diagram of the specific steps that make your transformation story flow while helping you eliminate the power and control your past traumas have over your current life.

Believe me, I’m not a writer by any stretch of the imagination, but the video above will make it super easy for anyone to do.

Your Story and Your Confidence

Even if you never share your story with anyone else, just writing out your journey is a tremendous healing experience. Before you start, be sure to set the tone by lighting candles and burning incense. In that way, you create a sacred space where you can allow your story to pour out of you.

As you start to write your history, think of the process as developing a screenplay or script. What are the highlights? What are the pivotal moments? What were the specific monumental events that led you to become the person who you are today? Be sure to include the deep, dark things you never wanted anyone to know about.

Remember: Without the traumas or “bad things” you experienced and learned from, you’d never be able to share your gift with the world. It’s time for you to bring your big, scary secrets into the light and let those transformative moments shine. Facing them, you’ll find that the creepy boogie man who’s been terrorizing you goes away.

Beyond the emotional metamorphosis you will experience personally, your transformation story will benefit you by becoming the number one tool for marketing your business and will catapult your success in ways you never imagined possible.

What people want more than anything from companies these days is transparency and authenticity. They are craving business owners who are true to themselves and are real people they can communicate with. As a whole, society is done with big conglomerates that can’t be trusted; we want to connect with an actual person.

In my business, sharing my transformation story is the #1 thing that enables me to build a relationship with my clients. They feel a connection to me because they can relate to what I’ve been through. They hear my story and think, “Yes, I get that because I’m just like you.”

You know, I truly believe that every person on this planet has a message to deliver to the world. And, if you’re not sure what yours is yet, here’s a little clue: the past traumas and the things you’ve overcome have a lot to do with why you incarnated here and what your life’s purpose is.

Believe me, writing your transformation story is such a tremendous tool and is so powerful for your own healing and self-discovery. More than that, once finished, your transformation story will help you to step up and be recognized as the leader that you have become through the process.

As you begin to include your transformation story in marketing yourself and your business, people will start to connect with you and want to get closer to find out more. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll start to see results. No matter how you choose to share your story and message with the world – speaking engagements, writing a book, hosting a class or workshop, becoming a coach – you’ll find that your transformation story is the most powerful tool you can use to connect with your audience.

Become an example and an inspiration for others so you can truly step into the space you were meant to live in and become the light you were meant to be in the world.

You have a unique path, all your own, and a unique history that has created the remarkable person that you are. Honor your past, embrace your painful experiences, and use your transformation story as a beacon into your beautiful future.

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