datingSo many single people are turning to Internet dating these days that it’s considered to be just as normal as meeting at a bar used to be.

Admittedly, though, there are major differences. One of these differences is: you have to come up with an new way of talking about yourself.

When you meet someone in person, you don’t immediately present each other with a list of likes and dislikes, career paths, educational histories or “looking for” requirements.

You might just hit it off talking about whatever place or event you’re both visiting. You might get into a specific light or intense topic about something outside both of your personal lives.

Meanwhile, in online dating world, you’ve got a whole profile to worry about. A whole version of yourself that someone is going to get to know before they even share a sentence or two in exchange with you.

Naturally, you want this profile to be the best it can be – and that includes the most truthful to you.

While this can seem like a tall order, it’s not really that hard if you start with a checklist to help you along.

To Build Your Online Dating Profile:

Take a new photo: One of the biggest mistakes that you can make on a dating profile is to put up a picture of yourself that’s not flattering or, even worse, taken ten years ago.

After all, you DO plan to actually MEET one of these people and you want to be upfront about what they’re going to see. It’s good to take a new photo so that you can take some time to prepare for it and look your most amazing.

Be honest: Never write down what you THINK people will want to see. You’ve got to be honest about everything. This includes your appearance, your taste in music, movies, and television shows. Don’t make up things just to seem more exciting.

Think about it this way: Don’t say that you’re 5’8 and weigh 125 pounds, love metal music, like gory horror flicks and enjoy skydiving if the truth is actually that you’re 5’3, weigh 140 pounds, love country western music, romantic comedies and that you’re terrified of heights. You can see that these two descriptions will attract completely different people and they WILL notice the difference in your appearance.

Be specific: Instead of listing off musical groups you like, describe a concert where you had a really good time or were surprised by the music. Instead of saying you like the beach, describe your favorite beach at your favorite time of day to visit.

Don’t get overly verbose, keep these descriptions short and sweet, but you can see how a description like this will stand a better chance of connecting with someone than a simple list would.

Be a little mysterious: This adds that little bit intrigue to the page. A little mystery is a good thing. “Favorite color – I bet you’ll figure this out quickly…” “Favorite location … If I told you, I might have to kill you…” Keep things a little lighthearted and playful. Just be sure to find that delicate balance between being a bit mysterious and an out and out weirdo.

If you take some time to make your online dating profile a work of art, you’ll like the type of people it attracts more than if you just slap something together and stick up there. That’s a guarantee.

And there are a lot of places on the web that can give you further advice about online dating and profiles if you’re serious about making you experience exceptional. You can start HERE.

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