conscious eatingConscious eating: this is where you have to notice that you are really there when you eat.

This may sound easy, but actually it’s the big one. Most of the food we eat sneaks by us. The bag of cookies just disappears. The plate of food cleans out during conversation. The tray of brownies turns to crumbs.

For some people, food is an escape from consciousness. They don’t have to think when they eat, or about what they eat, and it’s relaxing.

The Fear Factor of Conscious Eating

As soon as you start paying attention to the fact that you’re really eating what you’re eating, it blows the whole system.

All of a sudden, with conscious eating, you have to take responsibility for everything.

For the nourishment you give your body, the good and the useless calories, the healthy and the sticky-sweet. It’s overwhelming.

How Can You So Suddenly Take Total Responsibility For All This Through Conscious Eating?

After all, it’s the guilt over eating more than you said you would that makes you give up and eat more, so what is responsibility going to do for you anyway, right?

Well, how about responsibility without guilt? Without anxiety?

You have permission to overeat.

You have permission to eat well.

You have permission to feel all the euphoric and yukky feelings that come up every time you peel a pound.

You have permission to be terrified of the cheesecake on the buffet table, and still maybe not eat it, or eat it.

But make it a conscious choice.

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