happinessWe are talking about an exercise that will take you one step closer to conscious eating, to being able to drop the weight you want to get rid of and to keep it off.

The first part of the exercise asks you to be conscious of your body in the space you are in, and to be relaxed there.

Now For the Next Baby Step Toward Conscious Eating:


Imagine a room in your house with a closet.

Go to the closet, open the door, go inside. At the back of the closet is a stairway, leading to your sanctuary.

Imagine yourself moving downward, down the stairs leading to a tunnel. With each step, tell yourself you are even more relaxed.

Be aware of your body. As your attention shifts to body parts, speak to them: “I am relaxing you ••••• ”

Allow your awareness to flow and shift. You are moving effortlessly and naturally.

Breathe deeply and easily, continuing to allow the air to flow through your body, melting everything.

Pass through the tunnel. When you emerge into the light, look around. There is water. A lake. And a beach. A rock, a gentle, warm sun. A breeze. Trees. Birds.

You may stay on the beach, or swim to your private place, a meadow, a hillside, whatever pleases you. Make sure you feel safe and comfortable.

Sit. Look around. Feel the sunlight, the air, listen to the sounds of water, birds, trees in the air, see the colors.

Sit and relax. Here you are serene, expansive, energized, in touch with your deepest feeling tones.

Each time you visit your sanctuary you will feel this sense of peace.

Now You’ll Meet the Inner Advisor Who Will Help You with Conscious Eating and So Much More

Ask an adviser to appear. If you wish to speak to your child or adolescent self, invite them to your sanctuary. Whatever form your adviser takes, be welcoming.

This is a part of yourself, a voice. Befriend it. Listen well. Take courage, take comfort from him or her.

Begin a dialogue that will begin a relationship. Start to get to know your adviser as you would any new friend in life. Exchange names. Tell them you are glad to meet them and that you would like to establish ongoing contact.

Ask questions. If they don’t get answered, ask what you must do to get the answers. Ask what you must do to improve the dialogue.

Come to your advisors for support. Ask them to come with you when you’re doing something difficult. Tell them your triumphs. Ask your advisor why you overeat. Ask him or her for long term advice. Ask for help.

Ask one to come with when you go shopping, to a restaurant, to a market. Your adviser is not the old voice of conscience. It does not desire to make you feel guilty. It wants to help you keep in touch with your insides.

IMAGING of what can happen with conscious eating:

While you look around this beautiful place, a figure comes toward you.

As it gets closer you see it is a woman. She is dressed beautifully. In your favorite colors, your favorite lines. Everything is soft and flowing. Her hair is shiny and moves in the breeze as she walks toward you. She moves gracefully, all her body parts swinging freely and fluidly. She smiles from deep within her. An inner light radiates out her eyes, her outstretched arms, through her whole being.

As she gets closer, you see that she is you. Her body is feminine. Soft. Nothing about her is harsh. Everything is appealing, warm, sensuous.

She puts out her arms toward you and touches your shoulders. You see that her weight is absolutely right for her. She looks the way you’ve always wanted to look. Trim, healthy, smart.

As she touches your shoulders, you feel your own self light up with her energy. You notice that what you are wearing is also in your favorite colors. Also soft and flowing. Your hair is fresh. You smell wonderful.

You feel attracted to this other woman who is you, and feel her attraction back. You feel yourself glowing with health and vitality.

She moves closer and embraces you. You feel the warmth of her skin through her clothes, and the warmth of your own skin against her.

She is yourself, your best self, your mother, your ideal mother, and Earth Mother all at once. She is who you are. You are who she is. She tells you that she loves you.

She tells you that to her you are always beautiful. She tells you that your body is precious to her. She promises to be there for you whenever you need °her, for she is you.

As you release each other, you run your hands over your body. Feel your breasts, your waist, your hips, your thighs. Offer love and gratitude for every part of yourself.

Feel the muscles tighten up, and any excess fat be reabsorbed into the body. Feel the skin smooth out under your hands. Feel the compactness of yourself.

Take this other you by the hand and begin to walk around your sanctuary. Feel how graceful you are. You both move with ease. You feel as though you could run for miles without being tired. The idea of working your body’s muscles is appealing. Sweating seems at once healthy and sensual.

The other you takes your hands in both of hers, kisses you on the mouth tenderly, tells you once again how beautiful, warm and desirable you are, and how proud she is of you for everything you do. Then she backs softly away, waving goodbye.

As you wave back, telling her how much you love and appreciate her, and how much you look forward to seeing her again, you turn back to your sanctuary to enjoy the rest of your time there.

Now gently leave your sanctuary. Say goodbye to the trees and flowers and water and tell them you’ll be back soon.

They speak back to you, wishing you well and telling you they look forward to your next visit.

Swim back to the beach, walk to the mouth of the tunnel, back through the tunnel to the stairs. As you walk up the stairs remember that you carry this experience with you always, that your sanctuary is inside you, that you have only to imagine for a moment being there, and you are. Climb the stairs into the closet. Walk out of the closet.

Feel your body. Feel your energies mingling with the energies of the room you are in. Begin to open your eyes. Breath deeply. Smile.

Say thank you to yourself for allowing you such a lovely experience, and then go about your day.

-From the Editors

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