changedReady to take a step toward feeling in control of your eating decisions? Let’s go through an exercise that will help you move toward conscious eating and achieving and maintaining the body you want.


Sit up or lie down, get comfortable.

Take five deep breaths in quick succession.

Take a slow deep breath.

Take another one.

Breathe into your upper chest, where your heart is.

Let it go.

Allow the air to flow down through your body.

Imagine the air actually taking space among your nerves and muscles.

Imagine it as a soft warm floating feeling relaxing every nerve, muscle, fiber, every cell as it passes.

Imagine it filling you up. Let it go down through your arms and out your hands.

Let it flow down through your stomach, your groin, your legs, and out your feet.

Breathe into your upper chest where your heart is, let it go.

Melt into the floor, into the chair.

Thank the floor or the chair for supporting you.

Feel it under you. Melt into it.

If you are anxious, allow it to be there.

If you are angry, allow it to be there.

Make no demands on yourself, except that you continue.


You are like no other. You move to rhythms deep within you that are unique. Now listen gently for them.

Listen for the music, the rhythms, the deep feeling-tones inside you.

Stay with the feeling of yourself.

Sense the sweetness of your connection to all things.

If thoughts come into your mind, let them float out the way they floated in, like clouds across your forehead. Stay with the deep tones inside you.

Enjoy the sense of power and centeredness they give you.

Now share them.

The essence of your being is in the form of pure energy, rising up from your insides. Feel it resonate with the energy of everything around you, the floor, the chair, the wall, the plant, then expand the awareness to feel yourself resonating with buildings and people down the street, across town. With the ocean. With the sky.

Feel the exchange of energy, the exchange of molecules. Feel the movement within you and around you. with each breath, with each pulsing of energy, you send out this essence of yourself, which mingles with other essences and creates and recreates your physical environment.

Feel yourself centered within and radiating out waves of your energy. Conscious eating starts with conscious living.

Know that this expression of yourself reaches out into the universe, and that there is nothing it does not influence. This sense of your deep feeling tones is your natural state of grace. It is your heritage.

You are an important and worthy human being in a state of grace. Sense the effortlessness of your connection to all things.

-From the Editors

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