conscious eatingThe “conscious” in “conscious eating” is not about restricting yourself and giving yourself firm rules, it is about trusting yourself, trusting your computer, your body.

Now, how do you both re-program the computer and step away from it?

You do your affirmations, imaging, writing, positive thinking, while in the presence of the full awareness of your insides.

Conscious Eating Requires that You Face All Sides of Yourself

In other words, you allow the anxiety to be present with you. You allow the anger to be there with you.

You make no expectations of what it’s supposed to be like.

You do the exercises as just that: Exercises. Fun. Easy. Informative. You do not do them as part of mobilizing to a goal.

You do not do them in order to get yourself to a space where you can get thin.

You do not do them in order to get yourself to a space where you can become confident.

You do not do them in order to improve yourself so that you can change your life. This is putting the cart before the horse. This is also likely frustrating to you, because you probably never looked at it that way. It is the reverse of goal-oriented behavior.

Instead, you do the behavior for it’s own sake.

So, If It’s Not About Conscious Eating Right Away, What’s in It for You Right Now?

What’s going to keep you going through life without mobilizing? How exactly do you “go with the flow”?

This is a good question. And it directly concerns your diet program.

How? Simple.

How’re you going to eat well, consistently, if you’re not losing weight?

I don’t mean just that at certain points in the weight loss part the pounds don’t budge easily. I mean, once you’re at a reasonable weight–what’s going to keep you eating well when all that happens is every day you look the same and weigh the same?

Ah ha. You think that’s easy, do you? That losing it’s the main thing and you’ll worry about keeping it off later?

The whole point of my system is that the losing weight part’s incidental. If you eat well you’ll get to a reasonable weight. Even skinny if that’s what you want, though I do not believe anybody needs to be that thin.

But that part’s the easy part because something’s happening! You can get on the scale and see it moving. You can feel yourself lighten up. Things are happening emotionally that are scary every time you drop an old pound, but the fear is outweighed by the excitement of seeing the scale budge and fitting into your old jeans.

‘I’he reality is that thin people don’t eat very much. And once you’re thin, you’re not going to be eating much more than you were when you were dieting like crazy, so what’s going to keep you going with conscious eating the rest of your life, eating less than you’d like to?

That’s what we’re going to deal with, and that’s where the affirmations and the imaging have their real power. You are practicing the experience of really being where you are. You are practicing doing things for the sake of doing them, not for the way they fit into a goal. You are practicing being without stress.

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