conscious eatingWhen people tackle losing weight, they usually focus on goals, but with conscious eating, it’s about the journey.

Happiness is an important part of that journey.

Don’t save up for happiness. Don’t save the best for last. Don’t save the cookies for dessert. Don’t cheat yourself of what you can have in the moment. Don’t stall your life.

For Conscious Eating You Have to Commit Yourself to Happiness

1. My commitment to happiness is …

2. What it would take to make an even stronger commitment is …


What holds you to the past and to your excess weight is often anger. Don’t stuff those feelings down with food anymore. Let your feelings out and let them pass through.

1. I am angry with …

2. I feel enraged because …

This exercise is a lifelong process of letting feelings be experienced fully and then let go to pass through. The idea is to keep current with powerful feelings as they happen, rather than stuffing them to fester and come out in other ways.

Everyone has difficulty with this. If you can clear out much of the past, it’s easier to keep current.

Remember, you are more able now, as an adult, and with the passage of time, to handle feelings you may have stuffed down a long time ago. If you let them surface you can free yourself of the pain.

Write about past hurts. Let them be experienced fully in your body.

Then let them go by forgiving those who hurt you and yourself for whatever you’re beating yourself up over.

Forgiving doesn’t mean it’s okay what they did. It doesn’t mean they never did anything to hurt you, really. It means that whatever they did, for your own well being now, and out of the graciousness of your own soul, you pardon them. You forgive.

You wash the sad, angry energy out of your body to make room for happier things. And you forgive yourself because you are someone you love dearly who you do not wish to punish anymore.

You are a worthy human being who is just that. Human. You forgive.

1. I forgive … and I set you free.

Moving Forward Toward Conscious Eating:  Gratitude

Forgiveness is the great healer. Gratitude will move you forward and help you with your conscious eating.

Be grateful for the support of your body all these years. Be grateful for your heart, your flesh, your mind. Be grateful for being at your perfect weight and you will be.

1. I am grateful for …

IMAGINE something or someone you have loved, or could love with your whole heart, unconditionally. A child, a butterfly, a grown person. Someone or something you do or could love exactly as they are, flaws and all.

Now, can you love yourself right now, in this body, the same way you love this thing or person?

Loving yourself in this way, exactly as you are, passionately, commitedly, with care and devotion, how would you treat yourself?

If you can imagine this, you can do it.

-From the Editors

Andrea Albright is one of our contributors who talks a lot about stuff like body image, self image and conscious eating. Andrea’s an amazing coach with her own amazing story of how she transformed her body into the one she has now (and her site and great ebook is called “Amazing Body Now“– a strong body that keeps her healthy and happy. She’s focused her life on helping others achieve the same goal. Check her out if you’re struggling with belly fat or want to quickly succeed at conscious eating->

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