changedConscious eating is the path toward a healthy weight.

Naturally thin people eat differently from the rest of us. They eat only when they’re hungry, they eat exactly what they want, they eat consciously–aware of what they’re eating and how it’s affecting their body, and they stop eating when they stop being hungry.

Here Are Some Things to Think About Where You Fall Short of Conscious Eating

Read the following and think about each suggestion and blank.

1. This is what I’m afraid would happen to me if I stayed conscious of every bite I ate …

2. What prevents me from stopping eating the moment my body stops being hungry is …

3. Visualize yourself as a thin you. Take yourself through a typical day, slowly, in detail. Feel everything you’d feel. Notice what you’d do, how you’d be with people, how you’d eat. Make it exactly the way you’d like it:

“If I allowed myself to live as a thin person, things that would be different about me, about my life and my relationships with people are ….

Think about Fat and Sexuality –

1. The ways in which being overweight influences how I approach sex and relationships are…

2. Is weight an obstacle to relationships for you? How?

About Attention –

1. All the ways I get attention from people for being overweight are ….

2. All the ways I get more attention FROM MYSELF for being overweight than I would if I were thin are …

 About Success –

1. The ways I use my weight to keep me from being completely successful are …

2. The ways I hold myself back in life in general are …

3. The ways I play for small stakes are …

About your Fat Person/Thin Person –

1. The voice of the fat person inside me yells–or whispers–in my ear …

2. I can best deal with the things the fat person inside me says by …

About Choosing –

1. I choose to be fat and unhappy.

2. I choose to be thin and unhappy.

3. I choose to be fat and happy.

4. I choose to be thin and happy.

Whenever you make a choice, you have to give up the other options. That’s the stress, the anxiety of choosing. That’s what keeps you stuck in one position for a long time. We don’t want to give up the other possibilities.

Whatever the payoffs for any of the alternatives on the list– and you’ve already discovered that there are plenty of goodies in all four possible choices– we don’t want to give them up. We don’t want to let go. This is where we come to COMMITMENT.

Conscious eating requires commitment.

In other words, choose.

At least for the moment, decide on a track. Go full steam ahead in one direction only. Let go of the other choices, let go of the goodies, suffer their loss, and move in your chosen direction.

Breaking Through Toward Conscious Eating

“Breaking Through” – This means looking at life in a new way. It’s leaping to a whole new level of awareness, as though blinders were just taken off your eyes. It’s a shift inside you, inside your feeling sense.

You seem brand new to yourself. And you are. Shifting from a person who thinks of him/her self as fat to a person who thinks of him/her self as thin is like leaping from one world to another. It means an adjustment.

So, here are some new questions:

1. Who are you losing weight for? Are there people for whom you’ve wanted to or tried to lose weight in the past?

2. Now I want to lose weight for myself. I want to do it for myself because giving yourself a thin body is a gift.

You are worthy to accept this gift.

Give yourself something. Imagine yourself receiving it. How does it feel?

Happiness is not out there. It is inside. It is something you carry around with you from point to point, place to place, not something you get when you get to a destination.

It is not something you chase or look for. It is something you make. For yourself. Every day. Every moment. Despite where you are, how else you may feel, and how it looks to anyone else.

It’s not where you go, it’s how you get there. You may as well enjoy the ride!

-From the Editors

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