10-6 woman in fieldIn these articles, we’ve been discussing how you can hold yourself back from the healthy practice of conscious eating, because of emotional fears.  And we’ve been going through ways to get past that fear and step away from the “computer.”

At some point, the fear doesn’t run you anymore. It lives there, but it doesn’t run you.

At some point, you see the whole system of suppression and repression was meant to protect you when you were delicate. And it’s still there for you if you need it. it’s nothing to be angry at. Nothing to beat yourself up about.

Your defenses only meant to be your friends. They are there to keep you SURVIVING.

Before You Can Achieve Conscious Eating

Now, before you can do anything about dismantling the system, or even looking at it, you have to be willing. I mean, you have to KNOW, or at least be pretty sure, or for me-HAVE FAITH–that you can survive. Without the system.

Then you get to take a peek at what you’ve been hiding from yourself all this time.

Actually, it can be kinda fun. Adventurous.

Here’s the tricky part: True opposition from your insides is to be distinguished from fear of your insides. Anxiety is different from real fear.

Real fear comes from your insides and is trying to tell you something.

It may show itself side by side with excitement. The excitement of getting on the stage, shooting the rapids, skiing down the mountain may be stronger than the fear, so you do it. No conflict. You just feel a lot of feelings all at the same time. You let yourself shake but you do it anyway.

The Path to Conscious Eating Is Exciting and Good for You

Your insides like this kind of stuff. It is what changes the programming in a NATURAL way.

As you do things, your insides get new information from the experience, and a shift happens naturally.

The next time you’re faced with a similar experience, your response to it will be slightly altered. You won’t have to push with your head at all.

This is growth. From the inside out.  You are more conscious and less active.

And this is also called surrender. Conscious eating doesn’t require pushing yourself, but knowing and respecting yourself.

You allow your feelings to be. You just allow them space to exist. You give them dignity.

They are real to you. They are important to you.

You listen to them, feel them, pay attention. You know that your best information comes from them.

And then, while you’re allowing them to be there, in full awareness, you TRUST YOURSELF to do what you do. That, to me, is stepping away from the computer.

-From the Editors

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