confidenceby Lori Ann Robinson

Confidence, what is it really? It is self-assurance, freedom from doubt, belief in yourself and your abilities that come from knowing who you are, and what you do best.

Don’t ruin your business development and personal brand with lack of confidence. If you lack strong conviction, you invite the “sharks” to circle you much like they do when there is blood in the water.

The “sharks” will hone in on your fears and insecurity and eat you alive.

Should You Fake The Appearance of Confidence?

The old adage “Fake it till you make it”? Hmmm… should you?

I think you can to a certain extent. Though,you never want be misconstrued as a fraud.

Show up with a smile on your face and a great attitude.

Make Sure Your Clothes Help You Feel Confident

You feel more confident when you’re well dressed. And when you feel your best you have more energy and do your best!
People treat you better too.

See for yourself and do an experiment:

Wear sloppy clothes to a store and see how you are treated, then wear a pulled together, confident outfit and compare your results.

I bet you the second look will get you better service and you will be treated with more respect.

Gain positive recognition from your appearance. Your clothing and style can make or break you. Let your clothes speak not only of your personal style, but of your success, power and authority and confidence as well.

You have more credibility when you’re dressed as expected for your industry and can “walk the walk’ and “talk the talk”.

Ask Lori Ann…

Hi Lori Ann,

I am going to be traveling a lot this year and may have to maintain my own clothes. How do I keep my clothes from looking like I slept in them?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Jerri D.


Hi Jerri,

Suitcases can reek havoc with you clothes, and packing with the utmost care when you are trying to catch a plane may not happen.

I NEVER travel without my portable Jiffy Steamer. It is the bomb! Does not take up too much room and the top comes off, so you can even stuff the canister with socks etc. One of best investments I ever made. Can not live without it.

P.S The water gets SCALDING hot inside so handle with care. Hey, you can even boil water for a nice cup of tea in it. Love a multi purpose product!

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