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Just think about it… Our society and the media is obsessed with “weight loss stories” about people who have succeeded at losing weight. I get it. It’s very inspiring to hear about other people’s victories and it makes you think, “Hey, I can do that too.”

And I hear about this all the time. People write to me telling me that they lost “so and so pounds on this diet or with this procedure” and now that they’ve gained all the weight back… “Should I do it again?” And I want to slap myself on the forehead and say “What?!”

If you have to go “back-on” a diet program… Or if you have to go back to get “tune-up” procedures… Then the approach you used DID NOT WORK. Follow me? If the weight doesn’t STAY OFF… then it is not a success. It’s a disaster. Because not only do these methods of losing weight and gaining it back cause your metabolism to be completely DESTROYED – making it harder and harder to lose weight every time you do it… But most importantly, they DESTROY your self-esteem, your hope and your BELIEF in your SELF that you will ever lose the weight for good.

You feel like a failure. You feel like you’re broken. And all this time, it’s not even YOU. It’s the common (and dangerous!) approaches to weight loss that are failing you.

Here’s a common weight loss disasters.. Can you relate to this reader?

*** Question From Reader *** “Hi, I am a four year out gastric bypass patient… Hope you can help me I have loved your newsletter it has helped myself and my sister we try lots of your ideas . But I am 46 years of age and now seem too have stopped losing weight its almost crazy I got down to 145lbs and now am up to 195lbs I lose 10lbs and then gain them back again its like my body is not wanting to lose anymore please e-mail back if you can give me any advice would love to hear from you my nickname is rosemary.”

Dear Rosemary, Here’s the thing with gastric bypass surgery… It never addresses the ROOT of the weight gain. Whenever you have bypass surgery, you are FORCING your body to go into “starvation mode”. And “starvation mode” is not a healthy place for your body to be in. When you are in this mode, your body thinks that food has run out (why else would you have stopped eating so drastically?)… And therefore, your body is doing everything it can to keep you alive while the food is in shortage.

Your body does this by eliminating as much of your muscle as possible (because muscle cells are very hungry cells that require a lot of food and nutrition to keep them alive)… And this in turn slows down your metabolism. Meaning that you are running at a slower speed. You have less energy for movement. You have less energy for thinking. You have less energy for processing your emotions. And when you starve yourself, you are telling your body to store fat.

But it’s not your fault. Our society and the media is obsessed with talking about gastric bypass surgery as the “cure” for people who can’t lose weight. But no one ever talks about the FACT that people who get the surgery almost always gain back the weight within just a few short years. That’s because the surgery is trying to trick your body instead of working with it.

So how do you get your body out of starvation mode? By feeding your body and building muscle. I take you through it step-by-step in my ebook . Be sure to pay very close attention to the first chapter where I talk about exactly what “starvation mode” is and why it causes your body to store fat. Also, the surgery has never addressed the psychological, emotional and spiritual component of health. Just because your stomach is smaller does not mean that you have the mind-set for living a healthy life… Or a healthy way to process your emotions instead of eating… Or a connection to your “higher” SELF that will keep you on the path of healthy weight loss long enough for you to truly TRANSFORM your body and life forever.

I’ve seen time and again (and through my own journey of losing weight), that it’s not that hard to lose weight for a couple of months or years. But to get healthier and thinner every year of your life requires something deeper… Something that cares for your whole SELF – your body, mind, emotions and spirit. And once you get “hooked” on this new way of living… then you are guaranteed to never gain it back again.

Rest assured, you are on the right path. The fact that you are seeking this truth on a deeper level shows that you are now ready… You’re looking for lasting results. You’re searching for a new way of LIVING. And that’s why you’re responding to these newsletters and this message. You are already on the path. I believe in you.

From Sarah – Andrea is amazing (her site is AmazingBodyNow…) When you hear her story, and look at her in her videos now, you won’t believe it’s the same person she’s talking about – herself. I know if she can do it for herself, and I personally know how much she’s helped so many women – she can help you. She has so much free stuff on her site – tips, recipes, instructions, videos – all simple and fun. Just go here to get Andrea’s free newsletter->

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