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How To Attract Him

I meet this guy online more than half year ago. He is 38 I am 30. The first couple of months was ok …. we only had 3 dates. The truth is, I am a very reserved person – Sometimes I don’t show much, and I keep my distance only…

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The Right Thing To Say To Turn Him On

Does this situation feel familiar? Help me. I have been married for 17 years, and with my spouse for 22. Last year was rough, as he had an emotional affair. I think he still carries a torch for her, though he has not seen or talked to her. I want…

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When Sex Before Marriage Is Not An Option

What happens when you’re not on the same page as your boyfriend about sex and marriage? Here’s a letter we recently received: Hello there. My situation is unique. I am a very good looking over 55 year old. I am a very strong woman of Faith and for me –…

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How Do You Know If You Have The Ideal Marriage?

My parents were married for 46 years. Right up until my dad died 10 years ago, he lived by a simple maxim: On all matters, big and small, my mother was right. By SHANKAR VEDANTAM When she embarked on difficult personal journeys, it was because they were necessary. When she…

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Spicing Up Your Marriage

After two divorces you’d think I’d give up and take up solo fly fishing – NO! I m more committed than ever to opening my heart, jumping into the unknown with unbridled passion for Truth and Love. by Allana Pratt And between you and me, I think third time s…

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The Power Of Self-Esteem

You can find self-esteem advice everywhere. And, since there are so many inconsistencies in what’s being said, it is very easy to become overwhelmed, disheartened, or both. Here, I’ll spell out the vital missing ingredient without which improving your self-esteem is almost impossible. I’ll review why self-esteem is important, I’ll…

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Are You Attracted To The Wrong Guys?

Here’s a letter we received:  Most of my relationships are with guys that turn out to be wrong for me. My current relationship is one of those men. I really love him but we certainly have our moments talking when we just don’t mesh with each other. Sometimes I feel…

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How To Lift Yourself Up, Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

What’s in a name? by Rori Raye I used to hate my name. Every time I heard a man say “Rori” it made me think of myself as a nerdy, wallflower-y, unsexy, unattractive little girl. I felt embarrassed. And I know that led me into the arms and beds of…

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Here’s How To Have More Love And Less Drama In Your Lovelife

Do you wonder why you haven’t been able to find the love you want or why you attract relationship drama into your life? by Eris Huemer, M.A. Let’s start with a couple of tips about things you can control, starting now. 1. VISUALIZE The first step is for you to…

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