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We are living in an exciting and challenging time of great change; with the media spouting the gloom and doom at us and many around us taking on and sharing in the fears and negative predictions, how do you stay in the excitement of new opportunities and possibilities, rather than other s negative projections?

Here are a few strategies I have used successfully during this past years of change for me and some of the advice and coaching I give to my private clients who are enrolled in my Master This Mindset VIP Coaching Programs.

Focus on what your passion is: When you are focused on what you love and are good at and passionate about, you naturally exude an energy that is magnetic to others, so you will attract more opportunities and business more easily.

As a bonus, if you are focused, meaning you think about what you want and love, you plan for it and then you take action regarding having what you desire, you will most likely attract to you that which you focus on.

Be grateful for what you have: Rather than complaining about, focusing on and noticing what you don t have (then you ll get more of what you don t have), try having a daily practice of beginning the day with gratitude statements, or writing what you are thankful for in a gratitude journal.

Remember what you focus on you get, when the universe/God understands that you are thankful for what you have, the universe/God matches your energy and gives you more good.

See what s in front of you and utilize it: Remember you are surrounded by an abundance of resources. Use what you have around you and be thankful, appreciative and grateful. What can you use within your own house or environment? Or call upon your friends, business colleagues for help, suggestions, advice, recommendations, service, feedback and for hard resources they may have that they can lend, give with or without payback.

If you don t ask, you don t know if the universe/God/Source will work through those individuals and give them the opportunity to give to you and you then get the opportunity to receive, make sure you gracefully receive!

Let go of the past: Many of us allow our emotions to interfere with our positive emotional stability and energy. I recommend working with a coach to help you work through any negative energy and feelings that may be blocking you from manifesting and attracting to you what you desire.

Remember you attract what you are, so if you are positive, you attract positive into your life and visa, versa! As a coach I have gentle, yet powerful coaching techniques to help you quickly process these emotions and free you up so you can attract to you what you want.

Know what makes you instantly happy, and do it often: Being happy is our human spirits natural state of being, that s why we all strive to be that way. Many of us have not taken the time to figure out what makes us happy.

My suggestion to you is to make a happy list and carry it around with you to remind you what to do when you are unhappy. Make sure it is mostly made up of activities that you yourself can do by yourself, meaning you don t have to depend on anyone else for your happiness.

Some of mine are- sitting by the pool and reading or writing, going to the beach, working out, eating sushi etc. I suggest to my depressed clients that they do (make themselves do) 1-3 of these activities a day.

These are just a few of the simple strategies I have used successfully in my life that you can implement right now in order to Master a Mindset of Success, rather than Stress and Negativity. I practice these everyday, you now can too.

Remember: In order to be the person you have never been, In order to have the Life and Relationships you have never had, You must do what you have never done before.

Dr. Cindy Brown

Dr. Cindy Brown, author of The Cinderella System, helps women to love their bodies, enjoy pleasure, learn how to fulfill their needs and live the amazing, happy life they deserve and desire! If you want to attract, have and keep the relationship you really, really want, subscribe now to my award winning weekly online newsletter Relationship Intelligence and get my free Special Report Special Report and Audio Class.

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