When it comes to gauging whether your man is the faithful kind, how do you know?

By Love Coach Natalina

Where do you even start?

Often enough, the savvy woman who is in the throws of the (digital) dating vortex will start a few conversations with a handful of eligible suitors… knowing that she needs to be at a certain point in the relationship and have a certain amount of commitment and solidity in her relationship….

She may ask him, “are you ready for me?” …in her own words, of course.

And usually enough, his response is enthusiastic and filled with all kinds of optimism. He says “yes,” perhaps with a bit of wit and charm of his own. 

The issue here, is that she thinks he is saying he is ready for the commitment she needs.

He is responding in the moment to ….can he handle the passion she has inside of her. NOW.

Thus – from this angle — we see the disconnect.

From this angle, we can see…. oh snap. No wonder these people live with a less than ‘rose colored’ outlook…. chronically when it comes to love.

But what if you could see him for who he was?

Is he a Casanova?

  • a casanova is a man who is EAGER to please the senses….but can’t promise forever or even tomorrow.

Is he a Romeo? 

  • So completely sure that you are his last breath….. despite any insurmountable odds…. drama.

or ….Perhaps….

Could he be a Cyrano…. ?

  • a man with a story that he could never be loved by you.

But could he?

We all put on a persona…we all have a tendency to hide behind a mask when it comes to making an impression.  

When TRUE love is the prize….

Sounds counter intuitive when you realize we all want to be loved  for who we are, but until we know who it is we are, you can’t see or be seen from that premise. 

What do you think?
how does this resonate for you?

Who Do you attract – Casanovas, Romeos, or Cyranos?

With Love,


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