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Astrology is a centuries-old science filled with traditions, insights and history.
Each week I’ll share an interesting fact, prediction, highlight or nuance that will help you better understand this vast and powerful guide to yourself, your loved ones, and your relationships. Happy star gazing!

Ah, Venus. The planet known in astrology to bless us with sensuality, pleasure, and love…

In olden days, astrologers and astronomers were one and the same.

So, it may help us to look at the ASTRONOMY of Venus to understand why our next door “sister”
planet would be considered the divine influence that ushers forth all things romantic.

Venus is the brightest natural object in the night sky after the Moon.

It’s most luminous just before sunrise, and shortly following sunset, and thus is called, “the morning star” or the “evening star.”

For this reason, many ancient cultures long believed it was two separate heavenly objects, and not just one….

Venus is so bright, in fact, that it’s often mistaken for a UFO.

Thanks to the miracle of modern technology, we know much about the surface and atmosphere of Venus.

Venus has an atmosphere with 92 times the pressure of the earth’s.

Its surface temperatures are incredibly hot – over 460 degrees Celsius (which is also quite scalding in Fahrenheit, I’m sure – but don’t ask me to convert the temperature for you – though I could’ve in the third grade… :)

80% of the landscape of Venus is volcanic.

It’s made up mostly of two continents.

It has phases, much like the Moon, which make Venus appear to go from being a mere crescent, or “new,” to full.

Unlike the Moon, it’s brightest when new, because that’s when it’s closest to the earth.

So, hopefully you’re still awake, and curious how any of this is like love…

Let me recap:

Venus is super bright, so when you look up on a cloudless, smogless sky (good luck with that, by the way) it captures and holds your attention.

And that’s like love, because – I’m sure you’ve noticed – most of us mere mortals spend MUCH if not ALL of our time and energy focusing on love…

Venus is brightest just before sunrise, and right after sunset – and this is also when “love”
is “brightest” because that’s when most people are “making whoopee.”

Wait a minute, I’m sorry, I’m thinking of cats…

Venus was long believed to be two different objects though it was truly one – and when we’re in love, though we “appear” to be two individual people, we’re “united as one…”

Venus is often mistaken for a UFO – just as love is often not what it seems… (and can involve conspiracies, crash landings, cover ups, and visits from the F.B.I.)

As for that atmosphere that’s so dense you could cut it with a chain saw – there’s nothing that’ll make you feel pressure like the topic of love…

(Are you getting this yet?)

Venus is dangerously hot, volcanic (as in, UNPREDICTABLE and ROCKY), made up of two bodies, and brightest when NEW…

I think you see the parallels by now.

In Vedic astrology, Venus is known as Shukra, which is the Sanskrit word for “clear, pure, or brightness.”

And may God and his planets and stars shower you with love!

Carol Allen

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