sexCan you love me now? What about now?

It’s amazing how we twist ourselves into human pretzels to try and fit another person’s idea of how we should be, just for them to love us.

It’s distressing, too, how we women have been trained to do this – to turn ourselves inside-out for a man – and so fall into it even more than men do.

“If only I were short, taller, thinner, had bigger this or smaller that – he would love me more, pay attention to me more.” we say.

How many times have you heard that story from a girlfriend, or even thought it yourself?

For me, I’ve discovered that if I can become AWARE of how I’m doing this to myself – it fades away a little bit, and I can experience myself being more myself.

Rori Raye is the relationship guru who turned me on to this kind of thinking – to learn to love not only the physical parts of me I tend to “not like,” but the thoughts and beliefs and attitudes in my HEAD I don’t like, either.

By accepting myself – radically – no matter what I may be thinking (and even loving those nasty thoughts I’m thinking about myself!) – I can feel myself changing everyday. And feeling happier every day.

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