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Have you ever noticed this: When you have an especially intense,  blow your head off orgasm, your man might not – and vice versa? Not that the other person doesn’t have a nice orgasm or even a great one, it’s just not one of those out of body, whoa, ones.

Question From A Reader:

“Do you think we don’t have the most amazing orgasm when our partner does (and vice versa) because we’re giving that to them?

I don’t know how to explain it, but maybe something so powerful can only be felt when we’re allowing it to happen for them. Not exactly not focusing on ourselves (I must say, mine was pretty powerful last night as well), but that we’re making room for them to have the most amazing experience. I don’t know. I don’t even know what I’m trying to say. lol”

***Here’s my answer:

I understand completely what you’re saying. I don’t know that it’s so much that we’re giving this to them or even leaving room for them to have this experience; it’s not that conscious an action or intention.

It’s more that it’s a happy accident for whomever is having this amazing orgasm; it’s energy falling beautifully into place, and to have this perfect alignment for each partner at the same time would be rare if not impossible.

And maybe this is on purpose.

Maybe this is a lovely design feature lovingly built in. For when this happens and we are present enough to feel their experience with them, the incredible joy, the intense love, the amazing sensations, well that’s just amazing all by itself.

And we couldn’t enjoy this aspect if we too were immersed in a mind blowing orgasm in the same moment. And vice versa.

Maybe there’s even an element of feeling a kind of feel good power in having created this for them and been there to share it. And vice versa.

They could have this experience without our “presence,” as could we, yet to be there with them as they go through this divine thing is so profound, feeling this intensity and yummy goodness resonating and reverberating throughout their beings and through their hearts. There are no words really to express this incredible gift.

As said, it’s not that our orgasm isn’t wonderful too; they are, but it’s just not as a so lost in the sensation nothing else exists really, not even them feeling. I would imagine you would feel as I. I want to be there with them, mind, body, and spirit in this. And vice versa.

Love, Dominique

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