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If you’re interested in astrology, I’m guessing you like studying the signs of the zodiac.

What most people don’t realize, is that the very first zodiac in all of astrology didn’t just have twelve signs – it had twenty-seven. These twenty-seven signs are the MOST important thing to look to when trying to understand other people and how you get along with them…

When I first started going to astrology school (yes, I went to school to become an astrologer!) I thought I knew all about the signs. I mean, I’d read all the major titles on the topic – Linda Goodman’s “Sun Signs” and “Love Signs” and even a book called “Sexual Signs.” (That was a good one! :))

I was so “up” on what the signs were about that I commonly guessed people’s signs at parties or on dates, and was RIGHT. Yeah, I was pretty darn impressed with myself. I thought I’d about heard it all. So imagine my surprise, when I started studying Vedic astrology, the astrology of India, that they didn’t care that much about the signs. (Gasp! Choke! Guffaw!)

Oh, Vedic astrology uses the twelve signs, all right. It’s just that it EMPHASIZES a series of signs WITHIN the twelve signs that they consider MUCH MORE IMPORTANT. And it’s these OTHER signs that they look to when considering the oh-so-critical topic of relationships.

In fact, in India, when they say, “Hey baby – what’s your sign?” they want to know which one of these OTHER signs you are. And it’s by looking to these signs that they’ve arranged marriages for thousands of years. So – because of my almost two decades of experience working with this other zodiac, I’ve come to not care that much about the “usual” signs, either. (Gasp! Choke! Guffaw!) But I REALLY pay attention to these twenty-seven smaller signs.

Despite my talking about this in newsletter after newsletter, and spending a whole chapter in my eBook, “Love Is in the Stars” on the topic of why you shouldn’t so much worry what sign you or anyone else is, I still get letters from readers like this one daily:

“Hey there Carol, I would like to know if I’m compatible with another Aqaurius if we have the same sign?”

She didn’t sign her name – you know how mysterious and paranoid those Aquariuses are! :) Okay, so the “old” me – before I went to astrology school, that is – would have told her what I’d read in some book (and had ZERO experience observing). I read that most signs go great together EXCEPT two Aquariuses. Why? Because they’re both so darn busy, busy, busy, and ALOOF that they don’t pay the relationship enough attention.

But don’t worry – Miss Anonymous – I don’t think that anymore. Now I think, “Who cares? Find out what signs you both REALLY are!” In other words, if he’s got the Sun in Aquarius, it’s VERY bonding if you have the Sun, Moon, or rising sign ALSO in Aquarius. Without this, or those signs in the position of partnership to one another – you won’t have enough familiarity or “glue” to hold you together, even if you’re otherwise very compatible.

So, two people of the same Sun sign can go great together. The only thing to watch is that the Sun is the “king” of the cosmos. It’s the power source of the solar system. And so two people of the same Sun sign have to be careful of fighting over power. It can be like having “two kings in one castle.”

I guess there’s one other super important thing that can happen if you have the same Sun sign – since you’re born within a month of each other, you might BOTH want to throw a birthday party for yourselves on the SAME weekend. And that can just be a total hassle… I mean, the NERVE of that guy! Kidding!

So – here’s the real deal, Miss Aquarius… Some Aquariuses (or Geminis, or Libras, or Scorpios, or any of the signs, for that matter) go great together, and some do not. It’s not enough to know that you’re both born under the sign of the “Water Bearer…” (which has to do with the rainy season, by the way). Depending on what day, and what year, and sometimes what time of that day, you can discover your TRUE sign – and his.

So learn if you and he have “magnetic attraction and affinity,” so feel deeply SMITTEN… Find out if you have the same sensibility so can be truly yourselves… Discover if he can comfort you when you’re upset… Ahhh… OR if, no matter what you do, you’ll have constant OBSTACLES that get in the way of your love… (like money problems, other women, geographic distance, and more.) Learn if your relationship will be fraught with MISFORTUNE… or a lack of shared goals and purpose that leaves you insecure. Find out if you can have prosperity and agreement together…

And may God and his planets and stars and incredible signs shower you with love!

-Carol Allen

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  1. Karin on August 5, 2010 at 7:22 am

    Hi I would like to know if men that are the same sign can be different or usually the same with brief differences? I am getting a divorce from someone who is a virgo and just met another virgo. Don’t want to make the mistake again.
    Please let me know your point of view?

  2. Sarah on August 5, 2010 at 1:38 pm

    Karin – I’m so glad you asked this – I know Carol says (she has videos on her site and youtube about this exact thing) that there are SO many more things that are MORE important than his “sun sign” – that it’s just a part. If you haven’t already gone to her site to get her free newsletter – do it now – here’s a link…

    In her newsletters – there’s a way to email her your question directly to her – will you let me know when you get her answer? Also – I got her Right Man report and it was SO helpful! Sincerely, Sarah…

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