By Dr. Cindy Brown

In order for a man to have a deep personal conversation, he has to feel safe emotionally and have evidence (have experienced) that this relationship is a safe place to share. Meaning he has been listened to without criticism or judgment, or you telling him what he should do or shouldn’t have done (like a mother does).

I have found in my research of men and in my own relationship with Andrew that men need more time then we females do to answer questions of a personal nature and to continue to go deeper with personal sharing. Men for centuries have been taught to conceal and repress their feelings and have been taught that sharing or showing emotions is a weakness.

If we give them time in a relationship, they beautifully will open up and you will witness something amazing, that yummy stuff we women crave. Try it, you’ll like it!

Relationship Tip #1-

If asking a man a personal question, pause at least 30 seconds to a minute for him to answer, do not repeat the question, or interrupt his process here, just be silent. Silence works really well in helping men feel there is a safe space for them to share. Many times we talk too much, so men stop sharing.

Relationship Tip #2-

When listening to a man sharing, listen from a place of wonder and amazement and curiosity, not from your default way of “what does this have to do with me,” or “what does he need from me to support him,” just listen and be silent until he tells you he is done.

Email me and tell me what you find by using these tips in your relationship!

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