marriageby Kate Dixon

The question of whether or not a sexless marriage will end in divorce depends on what has caused the lack of intimacy in the first place.

For instance, if the cause is age related, or a physical disability or a mutual decision (based on personal beliefs), then the lack of sex may not lead to a divorce.

But, if absence of sex is not out of choice, then a sexless marriage could very well end in a bitter divorce.

What Is a Sexless Marriage?

It is wrong to think that there is no sex at all in a sexless marriage. A sexless marriage is one in which the frequency of sex has dwindled to less than 10 times a year.

Of course, that is what the books say. In personal terms, a sexless marriage could very well mean that you are not getting enough sex or enough quality sex, regardless of the number of times.

Coping with a sexless marriage is painful, to say the least. A wide range of negative feelings creep up on you.

Loneliness, listlessness, hatred, insecurity and diffidence are common. Your self-esteem takes a huge beating and you may become depressed to the point of contemplating suicide. So, it is only natural for you to look for an escape through divorce.

Relationships become strained when you feel that your partner does not care enough to do the needful, or when you feel that he or she is pressurizing you to an intimacy that you find distasteful. From there, the marriage takes a downward turn.

Frequent fights, abuse and the total lack of emotional connection may very well pave the way for an illicit affair or a bitter divorce.

If You Are in a Sexless Marriage:

It is important to start repair work immediately. Mend your relationship before it creates a wall so big between you and your partner that the only way out is to call it quits.

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