romanceby Kathryn Weber

Romance is not always easy to find. Loving relationships are also working relationships. That means you’ve got to make an effort toward maintaining your relationships and keeping the romance alive. You made an effort to get into your relationship, so why stop because you got married or moved in together? Remember, that love isn’t just a “feeling,” it’s an action.

So, take some steps toward building on what you’ve got. Considering Feng Shui, this year it’s so important because the 5 Yellow is in the relationship sector and that puts additional strain on relationships. Below are two of the most frequent questions I receive about romance. I include some new ideas and suggestions for married or committed couples.

Our Bedroom Décor Is OK. Will Redoing Our Bedroom Really Heighten the Romance?

When it comes to food, we eat with our eyes first. Attractive food, with its good blend of colors and textures is appealing; it’s why that little sprig of parsley does so much. Well, we also make love with our eyes first. It’s why many couples feel like they have to go away to be romantically inspired. Their environment simply isn’t appealing. I think that’s sad. Because if the only time you are getting romantically interested is when you can arrange a trip out of town, then that is way too much time spent apart.

Environment plays a crucial role in romance. I mean, really, how romantic is a bedroom with a treadmill, the dog’s bed, and mismatched curtains? Every couple’s bedroom is important and deserves attention. Make it attractive to both you and your honey.

Have you ever noticed how good spring cleaning makes you feel or how good you feel when you rearrange the furniture? Well, that’s because you are moving energy around that may have been stagnant. A stagnant relationship can also be a sign of a stagnant bedroom. You can actually reinvigorate your relationship and up the romance just by redecorating or arranging your bedroom.

It Seems like the Whole Family Is Always in Our Bedroom. Is This Hurting the Romance?

Yes. Use your living or family room. You don’t have a bedroom because where you sleep is the family room. I love my kids. Don’t get me wrong. But kids are only renters. Remember, you aren’t there because they are. They are there because YOU are.

This is Rule No. 1: You and your spouse come first. That means your bedroom should also be a KFZ (Kid-free Zone) or haven away from the kids. That means no toys, no pictures of kids, and certainly no kids in your room (unless you’ve invited them). This is your space.

We often mistakenly believe that you have to let your kids into every nook and cranny of your life and be totally absorbed in them to be good parents. I disagree. We aren’t in the kids rooms. Why should they be in ours? You must draw limits.

I’ll put it even more plainly: kids kill romance. If you don’t want romance, then keep the building blocks, stuffed animals, the How-to-use-the-toilet book with the flushing sounds in your bedroom. If you do want romance, make your space yours and your sweetie’s ALONE. Now, go get out the decorating books and enjoy some more romance!

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