intimacy by Rori Raye

No one said intimacy is easy. In fact – it might not even be in our “natures” to be emotionally intimate with a romantic partner.

Here’s a dating question I get asked all the time – “Is he playing a game?”

And the simple answer is “No,” because men don’t really play games. It’s not in their makeup.

Men come and go not because they’re “playing games.”

They come when they want to, and go when they want to.

When it feels good to them to be with us, they’re with us.

And when it doesn’t feel good, they’re not with us.

Different Men Have Different Tolerances For Intimacy

And.. the things we women often do that push men away – we do because WE’RE afraid of intimacy.

If you’re finding yourself in this situation, yes, he will be back.

And yes, this time – things will be different!

Because you’ll have my Tools, and YOU will be different. You’ll be able to make him feel less afraid of intimacy, because you’ll be less afraid.

By making it easy on a man, by putting HIM FIRST, we completely cut the relationship off at the knees.

We make it impossible for a man to get close to us.

Just one whiff – just one moment of “getting” that we love HIM more than we love ourselves, and a GOOD man will pull away.

A momma’s boy, a man who’s all about himself, who’s immature and childish – WON’T pull away.

He’ll let you nurture him and care for him, and treat him like a king, and make excuses for him FOREVER!

And he’ll give you little or nothing in return.

How good does that feel?

It doesn’t feel good at all. It feels lousy.

At least that’s what I remember.

I was so good at taking charge (sweetly as you could imagine) of a relationship – all the logistics, all the caretaking, everything – it would have been IMPOSSIBLE for me to NOT draw in a man who was a “little boy” who was happy being nurtured, loved, not held accountable, all that, and who NEVER had to act (as long as I was around) like a grown man. It’s impossible to have emotional intimacy when you’re doing all the nurturing.

A Grown Man Loves, Honors, And Treats As Special The Woman He Loves – and THAT Creates Intimacy


A “little boy” simply can’t even get his mind around that.

I don’t know if your man is a “little boy” who is fine with you until you start asking him to “act like a man” or if he’s a good, grown man who is continually pushed away by your trying to manage him.

And I have good news!

If your man is even PARTLY a good, grown man, and you practice my Tools – including and especially BRIDGING (dating and Dating Yourself) – NOW, you’ll be in a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PLACE, with a completely different VIBE when he shows up (and he will show up).

And he’ll feel the difference right away.

All of a sudden, he’ll feel drawn to you, he’ll relax, he’ll feel inspired to step up to the plate and be a MAN, and his “little boy” part will just grow up – right in front of your eyes.

And if he’s pretty much ONLY a “little boy,” and he’s not able to step up to the plate at all (once you step down) – if he really can’t DO intimacy – then you WON’T EVEN WANT HIM!

You’ll be too busy sorting through and choosing between all the great men who are showing up and want to be with you to even be INTERESTED in a “little boy.”

BRIDGING makes it all possible – because you will be treating this man as just “one more man,” instead of your “one-and-only man.”

Can you see how this would feel so much better?

You’ll have options instead of feeling that “getting back” with him means being exclusive with him (of course you’ll be exclusive sexually – but that’s ALL).

From Sarah – Rori Raye rocks – even her sales pages are amazing, filled with information and help – she goes at this relationship thing and attraction thing in a different way than anyone out there. Get your own, free Rori Raye newsletters and learn how you can have the relationship intimacy of your dreams.

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  1. Jessicaistheshit on July 6, 2012 at 11:00 am

    Ewwww, this is disgusting! ” treating your man as just “one more man,” instead of your “one-and-only man.” huh? this will make you a BITCH, and if he is a real man he will file for divorce pretty soon.Yeah goodluck finding love under these rules… Stop pretending to be strong and superpowerful when in reality the only power we humans posses is that of love and kindness.
    Also keep a perspective, i mean there are billions of other human female organisms on earth with millions being born every single day and also millions dying everyday.
    So think about it: if you really want this one-to-one relationship to be so special and mean the whole world to you till your death, then YOU better treat it as such. There is no question that a good woman is the greatest source of love in a family she should be treated respectfully and this will come naturally as long as she exercises her heart and mind for the benefit of her family ONLY!

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