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Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper

Friends 90%
Lovers 62%

Sources say that Bradley Cooper and Renee Zellweger’s blossoming romance has the staying power his past relationships lacked. Look at these comments relative to the high Friends ratings:

“They get along really well and just kinda click,” a source for Scoop says of the couple who co-star in the upcoming thriller Case 39.

“Bradley likes the speed of everything. He likes that Ren e is low key. He likes to fly under the radar. Being with her is not as crazy as it was being with some of the previous women like Jennifer Aniston.”

And just as important to the happy-go-lucky actor is Zellweger’s sense of humor. “She makes him laugh, which is big.”

We could not have said it better. They have the same Emotional Talking Style which is the source of their humor and they both have Moderate Activity Level which has them running at the same speed. The two lifestyle traits are combined to create their high Friends rating.

They have a different Sexual Response. Bradley is Physical Sexual Response and Ren e is Mental Emotional Sexual Response. We anticipate this sexual misalignment will create challenges on the long-term relationship.

What about Cooper and Aniston’s short fling?

Here is Jennifer’s response to the news that Bradley is getting close with Renee.

US Weekly reports that Jennifer “honestly feels screwed over” after her date with the Hangover star didn’t lead to a second. “She wanted to turn her date with Cooper into something,” a source told the magazine of duo’s dinner date in New York on June 18. A few weeks later, Cooper was out with Renee Zellweger, but apparently Aniston said she “doesn’t see what Renee has that she doesn’t.”

Perhaps it is what Zellweger doesn’t have that Cooper likes – as in NO DRAMA.

Look at the ratings between Bradley and Jennifer Aniston, Friends 9, Lovers 37.

Bradley and Jennifer have different Styles of Communication and Activity Levels; Bradley is Emotional and Jennifer is Logical talking Style. He is Moderate Activity Level and she is Super Active. There’s no basis for a friendship. The sex would be good, but it could only last for a short time.

For Bradley it had to be a reminder of his short marriage to Jennifer Esposito (Friends 9, Lovers 37). Their marriage lasted a short 4 months after a year of dating. We cannot overemphasize how challenging life can be when two people with different Communication Styles and Activity Levels decide to live with each other.

What’s up with Jennifer Aniston?

As we previously discussed with John Mayer, Jennifer does not follow her True Attractions. She has Logical Communication Style, Bradley and John both have Emotional Communication Style. So she is choosing them for reasons other than the chemistry she should be following.

Perhaps Jennifer has her sights set on younger men. John Mayer is eight years younger and Bradley is six years younger than her. Could this be the primary criteria for selecting the men in her life? There is certainly nothing wrong with dating a younger guy provided Jennifer is enough in touch with her feelings to make better choices. One thing is certain, she is not following her own feelings of attraction in her selections.

Relationship issues are the same for everyone. We are truly all in this together. It doesn’t matter about her celebrity status or the fact that Jennifer made $25 million last year, she obviously would benefit from the MatchMatrix guidance to be with a man with whom she could have a long-term fulfilling relationship.

As we said in October 2008 the perfect match for Jennifer is John Cusack (Friends 94, Lovers 94). Look at those ratings; they tell the whole story. Is there anyone out there who can put these people together so Jennifer can have the relationship of her dreams?

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