by MatchMatrix

Just look at Angelina and Brad. You see their brightness, their connection and their support for each other. They reflect the powerful energetic alignments they share.

Do you remember their spontaneous relationship after the Mr. and Mrs. Smith movie? A reviewer referred to The stars’ thermonuclear screen chemistry.” That was for real! The glue of their relationship is they both have True Attractions and they followed that guidance in choosing to be together.

They also have two important lifestyle connections; the same logical communication style and the same sexual response. They feel better and better about each other everyday. When issues come up, they have the tools to work out their differences.

Angelina and Billy Bob Thornton (Friends 30; Lovers 44) had a much different relationship and it caused a rift with her father, Jon Voight. She did not follow her True Attractions. Billy Bob’s False Attractions ran the show. Their attractions masked their different communication style. When those differences surfaced, the relationship got very difficult. This is a common experience for many people.

There was another big challenge. Angelina and Billy Bob both have the Controller personality modifier. It translates “my way or the highway” on both sides. They both love a challenge and want to win. Without the same style of communication, the Controller modifier made them like two locomotives face to face on the same track, just banging into each other.

Her highly intuitive sensitivities that are part of the Controller took a real beating. The emotional impact on her is what her father was seeing when he made his comments. Angelina has the same Logical communication style as her father. Perhaps this counseling will help her reconnect with him.

So what effect does Angelina’s Controller modifier have on Brad? Not much. Brad does not have the Controller so hes not competing to run the show. Her Controller has value in other parts of her life; it has limited effect on their relationship because of their attractions and good energetic alignments.

A valuable insight from Angelina and Brad is that the ratings can be in the midrange (Friends 62%, Lovers 76%) and support an excellent relationship. The combination of the Lifestyle Traits, the quality of the attractions and the mix of the Personality Modifiers contribute to the outcome. The MatchMatrix relationship report will give you the specifics in all these areas for your relationship.

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