Growing Your Self-Esteemsad-girl

Did you know that the word esteem comes from a Latin derivative meaning, estimate?

That’s right, self-esteem is not necessarily just confidence, but how you estimate yourself.   Plenty of seemingly confident people have self-esteem issues.

And it is natural to question our own value or worth – it just so happens it is one of the core conditions that makes us human.

The good news is, another human trait is that of desire – the desires to fit in, achieve, and love among others.  And although you may read this and think, ‘you bet I want all of those things,’ thinking and doing are two very different actions.

So, how do we get from ‘desire’ to ‘achieve?’

Since low self-esteem is often caused by how others have treated you in the past, you may need the help of others in the present to challenge those negative messages and offer you new ways of seeing the real [terrific] YOU.

A couple of the questions we often ask ourselves are;

“Do I deserve happiness?”  or

“Am I deserving of love?”

If you have asked yourself these very things, and found it difficult to answer ‘yes,’ we want to help.

Our terrific booklet, Grow Your Self Esteem, is a wonderful resource/Guide-book for you  – not only in your dating realm, but your daily life as well!

We offer simple, direct answers and techniques to guide you on the path of self-worth and love.

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