Boost Your Attractiveness By Installing An “Anchor” For Confidence

by Helena Hart

Confidence is the “universal attractant” – everyone finds confidence sexy!

People with a high level of confidence are naturally magnetic and intriguing. They stand out. They have a certain air about them that makes people want to get to know them.

Confident people are also comfortable in their own skin – they have a sense of ease about them which is very appealing.

You won’t find confident people trying to be something they’re not. They tend to not play games – they know they don’t need to manipulate a situation in order to get what they want.

Some people are afraid to be too confident because they don’t want to come across as cocky, but confidence and cockiness are very different – and people can FEEL the difference in your vibe.

People with a high level of cockiness are boastful and have to draw attention to themselves because of insecurities. Cockiness is actually a symptom of a LACK of confidence.

Real confidence is quiet and calm. People who are truly confident don’t NEED that constant attention and validation. This is the kind of confidence that you can incrementally build up over time.

If you want to feel more confident and attractive, it’s helpful to install an “anchor” for confidence. This is a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) technique.

The idea behind a confidence anchor is that you can create a resource within yourself that you can tap into whenever you need to feel more confident.

You can access this confidence anchor anytime, although it’s important to note that you don’t want to install the anchor when you’re driving or doing something that requires your full attention.

Here’s how to create a confidence anchor that will boost your attractiveness:

1. Close your eyes and think of a time in your life when you were feeling very confident.

Remember a time when you felt great about yourself – not a time when you were boastful, but a time when you felt that calm sense that everything about you and your life was fantastic. That’s what real confidence feels like.

If doesn’t have to be a lofty or a huge accomplishment – it can be something as simple as a time when you helped someone out or completed a project and it felt really good.

2. See if you can ramp that feeling up – whatever level it’s at, try to magnify it and increase that feeling in your body as much as possible.

Engage all of your senses. Make the visual sights more crisp and clear in your mind. If you’re able to hear that memory, make the sounds more distinct. If you can taste it, taste it with perfect clarity. If there’s something to feel, feel it as intensely as you can.

3. Touch the tip of your right index finger to the tip of your right thumb – and say the word “confidence” out loud.

What you’ve done is installed a resource anchor for confidence, so any time you need a boost of confidence, all you have to do is touch those fingers together and say or think “confidence” – and immediately it will act as a bridge to that time in your life and give you that feeling of confidence right now in the present moment.

You now have that resource available for you to access.

It may sound simple, but like many of these tools, shifting your vibe can happen in an instant. You may need repeated exposure to it, but big shifts can happen in a split second once you learn to access this tool.

Anchors work the same way as songs do on the radio. When you hear a song from a certain time in your life, it brings you back to that moment. Your sense of smell is also strongly connected to memory – I’m sure you’ve experienced this.

You can use this technique to install anchors for anything – try it for things like creativity and motivation. I’d love to hear about how this goes for you!

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