body energyby Ann O’Brien

How much body energy do you have right now? Of course, when we think of energy we think of health, but there’s more…

How much body energy you feel relates to how much money you have, how good your sex life is, and your sense of abundance and fulfillment in life as a whole.

The Truth About Body Energy

The truth is we all have incredible, unlimited body energy and power! But most of us are scared of this, and our current culture doesn’t really “ok” it, and so most of us leak a lot of our energy to stay “comfortable” and fit in.

But then we feel exhausted and frustrated, so we drink some more coffee. Or we take a class or go to a doctor or healer. Or we hang out around people or places that seem to have energy, and soak their energy in.

I know I have leaked a lot in my life. Here are some ways I have:

  • Talking too much
  • Worrying
  • Listening to music or stories that deny life
  • Eating foods that bog down my energy and digestion
  • Investing in unrewarding relationship patterns
  • Sticking my chin out and cutting off the flow of energy up my spine into my head
  • Keeping papers, clothes, and other objects that I don’t need or like

Reading this, do any of your own habits come to mind? Many of our habits are unconscious–I know they were for me–and we don’t tend to change them we have “proof,” or at least compelling inspiration that more fulfilling ways of living are possible.

Rediscovering Your Body Energy

We hear a lot about the whole mind-body-spirit connection and it is so real! While living with 2% of our energy might feel “normal,” it’s not. And I think times are so critical now that we can’t afford to just bop around unconscious anymore.

No matter what. Most of us are already “losing” what seemed like security, so why not change before more dramatic change finds us?

As I’ve learned not to leak body energy, I am blown away by how amazing I can feel. The more I know, the less appealing it is to leak anywhere.

I used to wake up and “have to” meditate. Now I wake up feeling bright and clear and available to help people, or focus on a project.

I used to give away my healing energy without noticing when I felt drained. And I have learned to love and honor myself, not only for my own good, but also because I can give so much more this way!

And these are just a few examples, with the intent to inspire you! Would you like to explore?

Ask yourself where you leak body energy:

  • In your posture?
  • In your relationships?
  • In your diet?
  • In your daily habits?
  • In your home?

Then play plumber and fix the leaks! Maybe pick one leaky behavior a day and commit to not doing it that one day. Call back your body energy and see what happens!

From Sarah: Ann O’Brien is all about helping you become more present in your body, find inner peace, and realize your power to create the life of your dreams. She has in-depth training in spiritual growth, creativity and wellness as well as meditation and spirituality. You can visit her website to find out more about your body, mind, spirit and how to rediscover your body energy.

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